EA reveals details on The Sims 2

The company releases a few details on the official sequel to its best-selling franchise.


Electronic Arts has revealed some official details on the next installment in the Sims series. Perhaps the biggest change for the Sims series in The Sims 2 will be the addition of DNA. The sims can now pass on characteristics to their offspring, which will resemble and look like their relatives. In addition, not only will sims grow old with age, but their physical characteristics will change depending on which activities they're undertaking. For example, a sim that sits on the couch and watches TV all day will develop a slight weight problem, while a sim that exercises will have a different appearance. New facial expressions and body gestures (as well as a full 3D engine) have also been added to help give the game an even more realistic look and feel.

Of course, players will still have to take care of their sims so that they can enjoy a long and prosperous life. The game will give players an indication of how well they're doing with the life score feature. In addition, the sims will have to go through important events in their lives such as a first crush, marriage, and even their first steps as a baby.

"The sims, themselves, always have been the most interesting part of the game experience for me. Giving them DNA makes them even more lifelike and increases the personal connection between players and their sims," said Will Wright, chief game designer at EA's Maxis Studio, "The strategy of playing sims across a lifetime and experiencing their emergent traits and behaviors will give players a deeper and more realistic experience."

Electronic Arts will show more of The Sims 2 on May 13 at E3. The game is scheduled to ship in 2004.

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