EA prioritizing 360 over PS3

Earlier this week, New York Times writer Matt Richtel blogged about the reasons behind differences in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of some games. In talking about the issue, Richtel cited analysts as saying that development for the PS3 is more challenging than for the Xbox 360 because...


Earlier this week, New York Times writer Matt Richtel blogged about the reasons behind differences in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of some games.

In talking about the issue, Richtel cited analysts as saying that development for the PS3 is more challenging than for the Xbox 360 because game makers have had less time with the hardware. He also linked it to delays of the PS3 versions of games like Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor: Airborne and Skate.

Richtel revisited the topic after hearing back from EA about the issue. A representative with the publisher told the writer that as a release date nears, the company sometimes readjusts the manpower on the projects to complete the Xbox 360 version first.

With a larger installed base for Microsoft's console, the rep said it makes financial sense to get that version of a game out first and maximize potential sales. The representative also noted that in the last generation, it made more sense for the publisher to focus on PlayStation 2 versions of games over those on the Xbox because of the platform's massive installed user base.

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This doesn't effect me so much since i play on the PC rather than the 360 or PS3 for various reasons, but I've held a grudge against EA games for quite some time since the Downfall of C&C, and EA buying out and shutting down Battlefront3.... more fuel to the fire

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I understand that the PS3 is not very forgiving for the developer, but the consumer is the one that is getting screwed by prioritizing one console over another. I'm sure the 360 fans don't care, but they should because who is to say that the next multi-platform games from EA or any other company decide to favor the Wii over the 360 because the Wii is easier to develop games for?

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jooohnnny the first madden on the 360 was not so good either. people liked it because it was ther first HD madden out and people did not know as far as the 360 goes it was not that good. the ps3 is not bad. it is more powerfull and as a result more complex. give it a year or two and the ps3 will be dishing out the best graphics all the time. it is inevitable that at some point the ps3's graphics will surpass the 360's. but for now games are cheaper on the 360 and look better as developers have had so much time with it. I will get MOH for the ps3 though for the internet play. the problem is ea will never utilise the ps3 fully as they will make the games liook the same on all platforms if possible. the games that will show off graphics will be made by sony or will be permanent exclusives.

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I have never been fan of EA games.their games are not great so this wouldn't hurt that much.at least i hope so...

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Yea I agree Felshs. :)

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MADDEN 07 on 360 run at 30 frame too. cuz they were first generation games for the new console. DONT SWEAT PS3 USERs. next year will be as good or even better

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Most EA games suck but you gotta agree with them developing for the 360 more than the PS3 it makes sense. Madden has been a joke for years Sega's football game the 2k series was eons better. To bad about the exclusive license for the NFL. I hope Sega gets to make a NFL game again someday!!!!!

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I don't see why everybody is making a big deal about this we pretty much know what we're gonna get out of EA as far as their games go, if you really think about it, it took them 3 tries to get it right with madden on the 360 what would make it any different on the ps3 and as far as the ps2/xbox the xbox version was on par with its ps2 counterpart when they started making their sports games xbox live compatible. I had to add something else to this if memory serves me correct I do belive EA was one of them third party devs that phraise the ps3 for its power and disk space, yet they can't even keep madden running at a steady 30 fps but in the end I really don't care cause I own all 3 systems and gonna get select games for each one them.

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the ps3 cell is like trying to do chinese arithmetic whilst the 360 is like 1rst grade math

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WOW look at all this crying going on in here, ts ts to bad! Its not EA fault sony put out a piss poor mouse trap and MS did a better a job. Just face it, a soft ware maker understands what other soft ware makers need and dont need, its so simple that most in here miss the point! Cry all you want and call EA a bunch of lazy dev's its about time and money and producing a great product and its not there blame that sony gave them a complex PS3 that cant out perform a 360 do to the fact that MS gave them a better tools and simpler system for them to get the job done with, and who has the gamer base now at this point 360 or ps3 think about it, and stop crying cause it wont change a thing. Do your self a favor and buy a 360 if it up sets you that much but then again you fanboys have done nothing but cry from the start.

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The PS3 needs a lot more good games.EA doesn't really publish or make those anymore, so it's not gonna hurt it much.

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Ea sucks....madden on ps2 sucks..it was a waste of 50 bucks..Im glad that my brother bought it and not me..haha...they havent put out a decent game in forever....this article just made me not want to buy another EA game EVER.

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NandoSupes "there we have it, EA developers are lazy with not talent, they rather develop games for the 360, rather than learn to maximize the PS3 potential as well,thats EA for you,is all about money with them." Have you ever tried developing for the PS3, it is probably something like developing for the Saturn over the Playstation, more complicated inside meaning technically more powerful overall but not worth reprogramming games to take advantage of that, meaning you end up with inferior games. Although the PS3 technically is more powerful, for most intents and purposes it is a weaker console.

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there we have it, EA developers are lazy with not talent, they rather develop games for the 360, rather than learn to maximize the PS3 potential as well,thats EA for you,is all about money with them.

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Figures, Microcrap prolly gave them a bunch of cash. Soon, Microsoft will own EA and it will suck even more.

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And the fanboys go bezerk.

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mmm, Should EA prioritize Wii instead of 360? EA is avoiding the "right" decision. hahahaha

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NOOOOOO! I DON'T WANT EA TO RUIN THE 360! I thought you guys wanted to makeup and join the Wii bandwagon ;). 360 is doing just fine without EA's rubbish!

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Oh and to those of you who like to point out Ratchet and Clank and Resistance Fall of Man as examples of development done right on the PS3...they're made by a first-party Sony developer! Meaning, they get the best support and resources available for the PS3 that third party developers always have to fight for. Plus, those titles aren't multi-platform...development is a bit easier when you only have to focus one piece of hardware, no? (Final Fantasy falls in this category)

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As a company I can understand why ea is doing it but as far as games go ea has lost the greatness. Ea needs to just give us roster updates until they can put out good quality games we need more innovation rather than rehashes if that takes 2 years so be it. I said it before and I will say it again ea has become sloppy because the have no competition.

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I'v never been fan of EA games all that much. So it doesn't really matter to me. Even when EA prefered the PS2 last generation, i was never that big of a fan.

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because microsoft pwns!

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as a ps3 owner. how will this benefit me to puchase anything produced by EA after reading this article..the games EA makes are subpar..world war games fps games are played out..keep up with the good PR EA

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maxmax1234: "so they prove, 360 is better" You're completely wrong. Just because EA is focusing on the 360 doesn't mean that it's the better system. If EA wants to focus only on the 360 then that's only hurting themselves. It's not hurting Sony because there are plenty of other great games out for the PS3. EA sucks as of right now anyways, so it's not gonna make a difference. All those EA games will sit on the shelves while 360 owners focus on Halo 3, Gears of War 2, and other stuff.

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So.. are they blaming PS3 for badly programmed "rushed" games?

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Thank god, EA will stop taking a dump on the ps3 and concentrate all its horrible efforts to the 360. Hope 360 owners like to buy craptacular games.

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so they prove, 360 is better

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Yeah...I knew that already. ::coughMADDENcough:: I like EA, I have both PS3 and 360..but when was the last time EA made an original non-yearly-rehash-or-expansion game? Money, money, money...money's gonna kill this industry.

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The 360's install base is far from massive. The wii has the sales momentum, yet EA doesn't mention them? Please, this generation is weird right now, because PS3 4.38 vs. MS 10.4 million? Massive? MS, almost 2 years..Sony, not even 1 year? They may change talk, next year..I guess we will all have to see...

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Paul_TheGreat And that's why I hate EA. ..................................................................................................WTF no the reason you dont like this story is cause your a Sony fanboy and dont like how the gaming landscape is changing and cant cope with all the bad PR the ps3 gets .

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Awww men.I feel sad for PS3 owners. Lucky that there is BioShock to pick us up from a bad day.

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It doesn't surprise me EA backs whoever has the larger install base Thev'e been doing since the Sega, Nintendo Days They picked Sega, PlayStation and PS2.

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Ouch. That's gotta hurt. I root for the PS3 even though I own an a 360. PS3 just isn't getting a lot of good news these days. Hopefully it gets better.

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EA has proven itself over the years to be one of the greediest corporations I've ever known about. Its continuing stream of cheap movie tie-ins (even after its public pledge to stop making those quick, crappy cash-cows), outlawing production of any other football games than theirs in order to kill competition (and be able to rest on their laurels and not actually improve their games, knowing that fans will buy them without any better alternative) and now ducking out of PS3 projects because XBOX 360 gets them more money. They are just one example of the greed that causes good people to go astray. EA makes me sick.

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There are PS3 owners who will want EA games that are on the 360, but just because EA isn't making their games for the PS3, it doesn't mean that the PS3 isn't good or anything. The only people EA are hurting are themselves. The PS3 owners will find better games anyway.

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Who cares; EA games have been sucking as of late. They're only redemption comes from a few gems here and there (Sims2, Spore, Battlefield 2). Also EA is evil (this is a clear example) and their current and future losses are well deserved.

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Now I just wish Rockstar would do the same with GTA4.

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I'm not a fan of EA, especially EA sports, but It makes sense to go with the Xbox 360 because more people own the system, right?

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Thats what i've been saying. lol

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Well money is money can't argue that logic but I wonder if the fact that Peter Moore is now in this company will make this even "worse"

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Can't argue with that business logic. People wondering why it took so long for EA to get the online going in its sports franchise for the xbox? This is why.

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PS3 development will only really take off when the majority of the SPU coding is done by 3rd parties, such as a heavily SPU optimized Unreal Engine, Crytek, or Tech5 engine. Once there are really solid particle, AI, physics, etc. "mini-engines" all running in separate SPUs, the one "normal" processor in the Cell can be used for ONLY game logic, which will make all the difference in the world. Coding for the SPUs is incredibly complex, since it involves writing both micro-code for the processor itself and then code that uses the micro-code. Once it's done by the engine makers and has a little time for optimization, there will finally be several break-away PS3 games. In the mean time, only the development houses that are really outstanding and willing to do a lot of custom SPU coding (Insomniac, UbiSoft and Konami come to mind) will put out the real gems. Late 2008 will probably be the time most of the other games start looking really spectactular on the PS3.

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ok then dont charge us $60 for the PS3 game that is worse than its 360 counterpart

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who cares which one they finish first--both versions usually come out the same day. besides, soon EA will be prioritizing Wii games because it is taking over the market . . . :)

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EA is loosing the touch! and their games are staring to be the same stuff after the same stuff, no good games for EA for the past years!! just the same old stuff. And with the old guy from MS EA will make more bad stuff becasuse they are focusing on how to stop the PS3 to be succesfull!! To bad EA to Bad...

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Does it even matter? Doesn't EA churn out a game for every console as it is?

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developers/publishers have to go where the customers are, because it's the customers dollars they want. the customers this gen are on the 360, and thats before halo3 comes out or a price cut. it's the same reason the ps3 is losing so many exclusives to the 360.

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The reason the 360 is easier to develop for right now is their dev kit was released much earlier. In time, both kits will be equally simple to work with, and hopefully what EA is doing is a short term financial decision to focus on what they know. However, this will make no sense in the long term, because if they continue to have less ppl working on developing their games on the PS3, they only fall further and further behind on what will be a significant market share. I predict we will get a similar story in the near future about EA shifting the focus equally amongst the 3 consoles.

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360 is like the PS-2 of this gen.....;)

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Personally, I like the ergonomics of the XBOX controller. It feels like it's meant for bigger hands. My comment isn't really relevant, just like EA's "priority" isn't really relevant... I can't thik of any EA games that have been console-exclusive... who cares if the launch dates get staggered because PS3 takes more development time.