EA powers up FIFA Street 3

Publisher's arcade-style soccer game to highlight more than 250 all-stars on 360, PS3 in spring 2008.


Despite the efforts of larger-than-life British sensation David Beckham, Major League Soccer remains far less popular in the United States than other professional sports. To the rest of the world, though, the pitch represents the great equalizer of nations, raising mere men to demigod status. EA, naturally, is running with that perception of the game for FIFA Street 3, due out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in spring 2008.

Note: actual photo, not a screenshot.
Note: actual photo, not a screenshot.

After a year hiatus, FIFA Street returns with a greater emphasis placed on the superstars of the game. FIFA Street 3 renders more than 250 soccer stars drawn from 18 teams across the globe as "stylized caricatures with heroic qualities." As with other arcade sports titles from EA Sports Big, gamers will be able to select their playing style of choice, with FIFA Street 3 featuring tricksters, enforcers, playmakers, and finishers.

As detailed in GameSpot's recent preview, the game makes use of NBA Street Homecourt's engine, lending the game a stylized look. Also ported over from Homecourt is the new Gamebreaker mechanic, which gives gamers special abilities and power-ups to better embarrass their opponents. EA will also make use of its new soccer AI engine, first seen in this year's FIFA 08.

FIFA Street 3 has not yet been priced or rated.

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what kezman118 said

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i dont understand y they are making the players anerexia. i thought they are tank.

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Who are those aliens, and why do they slightly resemble humans?

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The first 2 were good, but not THAT good. Lets hope this one will be better...

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i like soccer games. but i never was really into street soccer games. it just seems too out there for me.

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activision, please make sports games!

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Ah, another cash cow for the EA Sports series. Is it funny how these games are always poorly produced and shallow. I think its a shame becausse these kind of games could put a real original spin on "soccer" games.

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I love EA Street games. They are actually original in gameplay, and seem to have a creative feel. Loved NFL Street 2, but Madden never caught on.

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FIfa street was the best football game out there, Fifa Street 2 was a major improvement, so seeing as EA made the past 2 games good, the 3rd will probably be the best one yet

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Fifa street 1 was great in terms of gameplay and pace , Fifa street 2 was good in the trick engine and interface , combine those to to XBL and PSN action packed action ,good news

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i hope it looks better than that so called photo

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What about the PS2 ? I hope Street 3 will be a title also for the PS2... come on ?! We where waiting for this sequel since the second arrived... damn ! Make it for the PS2 as well or **** EA !

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yes yes yes!!!!!! I love FIFA Street, it's so fun to play with friends :D

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Homecourt was really good, but I was finished with it in a week. I love the FIFA series, but I like played soccer in sim. mode.

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who cares, soccer games are pointless and boring.

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looking foward to actualy playing on of these games on a ps3 or 360

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looks awesome ill have to check it out

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willripyouanew1 u say football is a man's sport, but isnt there an awful lot of padding and protection? You ought to watch rugby to know what a 'man's sport' really is. Also soccer should be called football everywhere, its just stupid to call ameican football, 'football' when the foot is used very rarely.

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national teams please!!!

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(of NBA Street Homecourt's ) was great on PS3 and now fifa street 3 on PS3 , wow can' wait 4 that.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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" Despite the efforts of larger-than-life British sensation David Beckham, Major League Soccer remains far less popular in the United States than other professional sports." God Bless America where football is a man's sport!

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If they make the same improvement that FIFA Street 2 made over the first game, it may be an awesome sports game...

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So I guess this is the reason why Fifa 08 is so terrible huh EA?? Thanks again for cutting corners on one game to release another game for the same genre!

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I actually think this title will get a lot of publicity one way or another. Time for the PS3 to shine, because anything less then identical to the 360 version will get trashed.