EA posts loss, Medal of Honor sells 2 million

Megapublisher sees quarterly revenue drop 20 percent; Madden, FIFA 11 tipped as best sellers; FIFA franchise sales top 100 million; Bad Company 2 sells nearly 6 million.


Electronic Arts today reported a $201 million loss ($0.61 per share) for the three months ending September 30. While not as good news as posting a profit, the loss was smaller than the $391 million ($1.21 per share) it lost during the same period last year. Revenue fell 20 percent from $788 million to $631 million using standard accounting practices, thanks to a smaller release slate. The company launched seven major titles from July to September 2010, versus nine during the same period the year prior.

FIFA 11 provided a big boost to EA's bottom line.
FIFA 11 provided a big boost to EA's bottom line.

When excluding one-time charges along the lines of restructuring costs, acquisition expenses, and stock-related compensation, EA actually managed to post a small profit of $32 million ($0.10 per share) on $884 million in revenue. That beat the average estimate of a Thomson Reuters survey of analysts, which expected $815 million in revenues and a loss of $0.10 per share.

Of the quarter's hit titles, the publisher said six of its games were amongst the top 20 selling games in North America and Europe: FIFA 11, Madden NFL 11, NCAA Football 11, NHL 11, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and FIFA 10. Overall, FIFA-brand game sales increased 20 percent, with the franchise's sales topping over 100 million units life-to-date. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sales now total nearly 6 million units, said EA executives.

The publisher also revealed that the reboot of the Medal of Honor series, released October 12, sold 2 million copies in its first two weeks on the market. In terms of other new titles, executives told analysts during a conference call that EA MMA is "off to a slow start" but the console versions of the Sims 3 were "tracking well." One upcoming title, NBA Elite 11, has now been canceled outright. As had been rumored, development of future NBA games will be handled at EA Tiburon in Florida.

EA also claimed to be the top publisher in the "high-definition console" market--that is, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--reporting its share increased two points to 25 percent. It also says it is the top PC publisher with a 27 percent share. EA CEO John Riccitiello said that sales of high-definition packaged goods and digital goods is increasing, but revenue from the Wii and handheld games is falling.

Looking ahead, EA is leaving its full fiscal year guidance of $940 million to $1.07 billion in revenue in place. The figure takes into account a $180 million restructuring charge "due to licensing agreements and developer contracts" and ongoing expenses for development of the massively multiplayer game Star Wars: The Old Republic, which will not launch during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011.

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fi u dont like this game walk of and go and play pro evelaution 11 or as they call it vitual fighter

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@Gammet25 Because i already have 3 cod games and black ops isn't even made by iw. I don't need every single new thing that comes along.

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i love Medal of Honor was great...i cant believe Call of Duty still makes more money each year, yet gets less and less creative...Activision prolly pays reviewers to give good scores

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I was really hopin MOH was gonna be like the classic first two games. It seems like the only difference between shooters these days is ones faster pace and ones slower pace. There all alike

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This year's Madden game sold millions of copies, SHOCKING! It was a smart move for EA to reboot Medal of Honor and shamelessly copy the COD formula. It's too bad it didn't turn out to be anything special among a growing sea of triple A shooters. But at least EA can look forward to monstrous sales for Dead Space 2 and Portal 2 :)

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shouldve been a 40$ game feelin robbed especially after the free DLC they released

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So they sell millions of games and they lose millions of $$$..? Who is running that company?

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@Black_Adder_ When I read comments from people like you it really makes me wonder what you can possibly find fun in a game? How does every game people love seem to disappoint? What makes a game fun and why are you a gamer if most of the stuff out there is crap to you?

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EA are the most greedy of all, for every of their game, the DLC is never free! I'm not buying EA since I bought Madden 11 in august... Here's why they lose revenues, they simply don't have respect for the gamers

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Hey wait a min! i bought MoH but took that piece os s*** back, so dont count that 1

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@ Gambit110 it wasnt a bad game it just felt rushed. given another few months they prolly would have had something great. though to be honest its a EA game. Look how they killed CnC. who would have ever thought those games could be so dreadful

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Im buying Madden '11 and MMA very soon (Brand new....not used).

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First thing that came to mind when i read the title was 2 million idiots.

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Huge walls of text in this comment section... tldr EA sucks :P they destroyed my beloved c&c :(

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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EA's fine theyll make it bak. New Battlefield comin out Moh is badass but duty calls tuesday

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Guys, don't blame the developers for making crappy games, its EA's fault for rushing the developers. Release a quality game every 2 yrs not a small update for full price every year. I can guarantee you will get more sales.

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@glassesboy really? I think they should release full games monthly, also activision too. Imagine: Call of Duty:December Deception, or Madden: March Madness. oh wait, this is pretty much already happening.. ... my bad XD

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@M3tr4nk0, spot on! couldn't of put it better myself. All people want is online multilayer where they can curse and shoot each other. If your going to get a good shooter, you should all get vanquish!

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So 2 millions people bought MoH... ...so 2 million people collectively went "hey this isn't call of duty!!??". 1.5 million trade their game back in for CoD preorder.. ...confusion ends. ;)

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@nissanmaxima.... have u eaven played moh the gameplay itself blows mw2 outov the water and black ops is awsome

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i dont think that MOH selling 2 million is anything to get excited about. i mean COD MW2 20+million (although i really don't care for MW2, i am waiting on Black Ops cause Treyarch is gonna fix the crap IW did wrong on MW2 multiplayer). COD WAW 12+million. i dont even know what COD 4 MW did but it will be a cold day in the devils house before a MOH ever sells that good. I WISH EA WOULD JUST GO THE FREAK AWAY!

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EA really should start releasing FIFA, NHL, Madden etc every 2 years. Release an update at the end of the season with squad updates. They won't do that though, as rehashing a game and selling millions is better for them. Cashcows they milk every year at the cost of quality games.

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It's hard to believe Medal of Honor actually sold well. Oh, but what else can you expect? It's another military shooter, after all...

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perhaps if they looked at there 'top sellers' and noticed that they all are sequels! EA just keeps rehashing the same product from the year before. Perhaps consumers are finally noticing?

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This is nothing considering for the last 3 months sales of game drops. Just have to wait until April for the full year accounting. Luckily DA 2 coming somewhere on march.

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too bad even though EA isnt perfect is still like it more than that devil called activision

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I'm no economist but if you initially say they posted a loss in revenue then in the next paragraph say they actually posted a profit when you deduct "one-time charges." Those are still the costs of business and are included when evaluating total profit/ profit margin. But then again, maybe I'm wrong...just seems a little contradictory. (And yes I know the difference between revenue and profit). In any case, they'll bounce back next year with Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, etc. It'll be a good year for them next year I imagine.

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Good to know EA at least made a profit, I'm not sure how they can't since Mass Effect 2 with all its DLC's, Dragon Age with all its DLC's, Battlefield BC2 (nice game but I liked the MoH single player better, not much of a multiplayer fan), Medal of Honor, Sports games, etc. EA is a solid company in 2010, not like the previous years where they released a lot of crap NFS games and such, though C&C 4 is a big let down (haven't played it and I'm not touching it) in reviews (both player and press), I think overall they did great. I'm still BUYING NFS Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 so GO GO GO EA!!!!!! But yes, I do believe CoD Black Ops will kick MoH @$$! They haven't fixed the invisible gun bug in PC version yet whne you enable anti alias in control panel.

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Here's hoping they spend more time making their next set of games better to boost profits, when I think what they've done to C&C it makes me shudder

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Good to hear that BC2 hit 6 million

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Bad Company 2 was amazing and i cant wait to try out Mass Effect. Hope EA does better in the financial section of things :P

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Careful guys, try not to say anything nice about Medal of Honor..

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Well they are the only ones. Everybody else is making a profit according to GS.

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EA delivered an inferior, half-baked product and they got called out on it many times over. They should consider themselves lucky they managed to sell 2 million.

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while MoH has a more solid story (at least for me), it lacks something unique in multiplayer to differentiate itself from BC2. If MoH was released before BC2, maybe it would fare better. I understand that BC2 and MoH aren't really comparable though, so all in all it's kind of unfortunate that MoH takes some bashing.

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I stopped playing Medal of Honor after 1 week, what a waste of money. EA should stop rushing their games all the time, then maybe they'd actually sell better.

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one of the reasons MOH sold 2 mill is coz its multiplatform

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2 milion wow! MOH is great

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The fact that MoH sold that well is pretty nice. Especially since people bash it so much. Yes the game was nothing short of a cookie cutter shooter with many flaws but that doesn't seem to stop people from contributing to sales.. Also to nba elite cancelled is somewhat lol (only because I've bought 2k over live everytime I bought basketball)Overall EA has been a let down on many fronts and I hope to god they don't find a way to make Dead Space 2 bad :/

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Ive always preferred the destruction side of the Bad Company series,I think thats the reason for not buying MOH,

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"It has got vehicles, and they are used more tatically than any other game." Quit reading here....had to go to the restroom from laughing so hard

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3 games that each rule their genre: Dead Space, Bad Company 2, Mass Effect... they're doing more than just fine

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Good I hate a company that punishes some one for buying there game used I can't wait for there NFL licences to be up so that 2K Sports can make a good football game since 2004

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EA sold out, Medal of Honour is gone. The romatic recreation of WW2 is replaced with a Call of Duty hype cash in. R.I.P.

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dakan45.....You have not even played MoH have you? Play it before heaping critcism. It has got vehicles, and they are used more tatically than any other game. It has kill streaks and it has perks, they're just issued differently. And the campaign is not as you put it it "a shooting gallery".The missions are more varied than anything else out there (mentioning no names but games where the online dominates the single player feels tacked on) and have had a lot more thought.No big Hollywood moments where you sit back and laugh at the lunacy of what you are seeing.On the contrary this is probably closer to what real combat is than anything else out there.Next time play the game before bad mouthing it!

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medal of honor is very better then call of duty mw2

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]