EA Pogo's Poppit Hands-On

We got a chance to play Poppit, one of the newer inductees to the EA Pogo family.



EA Pogo is the latest craze in mobile-to-PC connectivity, and one of the recent additions to Pogo is Poppit. We sat down with the game, and it only took a few balloon pops to figure out why it's so addictive. In Poppit, you're presented with a screen full of colorful balloons, and the goal is to pop as many of them as possible. You can burst balloons, as long as there are two of the same color adjacent to each other, and bursts will help you to accumulate coins, which you can then use to buy raffle tickets at the EA Pogo Web site.

Since these balloons are all full of helium, once you've popped them, if there are any physically below the popped balloons, they'll rise up to fill in the gaps. This can be used strategically to your advantage, should you happen to notice a way to get the most balloons of the same color together. You get extra points for popping large strings of balloons and for knocking down any of the sunglasses littered about the screen. The sunglasses serve as prizes, although we're not certain to the extent of the possible rewards in the game just yet.

Poppit is already a hit on the PC side of EA Pogo, emphasizing that the simplest of the games can be the most addictive. When Poppit finally hits phones, you'll be able to accumulate statistics on your phone, which you can then upload to the PC so you can redeem all the tokens you've earned. Once you have tokens, you can use them in drawings, earning $50, $250, or $500, or more, depending on whether you enter the daily, weekly, or monthly raffles.

The game is colorful and bright, although due to its simplicity, it doesn't test the graphical capabilities of any handset. Regardless, it looks as you would expect a game called Poppit to look. The game is set to launch next week, and we should have a full review for you then.

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