EA Play Teases PS5/Xbox Series X Plans For BioWare, DICE, And More

Specific games were not announced at EA Play, but we do have a better idea for what some of EA's biggest studios are working on for next-gen consoles.


Much as you'd expect, Electronic Arts has a variety of studios at work on games for the next generation of consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. But while a brief glimpse at Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 was our only direct look at next-gen EA games during EA Play, the publisher did offer the vaguest of hints about what some of its biggest studios are working on.

BioWare, the studio behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age, is said to be continuing its work on the type of story- and character-driven games it's known for. Whether that comes in the form of new entries in those aforementioned franchises or something else is unknown.

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Likewise, Battlefield maker DICE is continuing its work on its shooter franchise. A new Battlefield was previously confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and DICE will apparently be utilizing the power of those consoles to provide a bigger experience than ever before. That could mean higher player counts and larger maps, but just how this will manifest itself is being left to our imaginations for the time being.

Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons developer EA Motive has another project coming in addition to Squadrons. Few details were shared, but it will be a "highly ambitious and innovative new game that puts the power and creativity in your hands." EA says the game "would have been impossible without next-gen technology."

Finally, Criterion regaining control of the Need for Speed franchise was touted. Like the other studios, its next-gen game was also kept under wraps, but EA teased that it will use the power of these consoles to get players into races faster than ever, presumably referring to the reduction or elimination of load times we've been hearing Microsoft and Sony tout with their systems.

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