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EA Play Is The New Name For EA's Cross-Platform Subscription Service

Replacing EA and Origin Access, EA Play will retain the same features of each tier.


Since starting with EA Access on Xbox One, the subscription service has adopted new names according to the platform you're playing on. With the service now heading to Steam, EA is consolidating everything under one new brand: EA Play.

EA and Origin Access will now simply be EA Play, irrespective of whether you're subscribed on Xbox One, PS4, Steam, or through Origin directly. Similarly, Origins Access Premier will now be known as EA Play Pro--both EA Play and EA Play Pro will be available on both Origin and Steam. We've also since learned that EA Play launches on Steam later this month.

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Despite the name change, the fundamentals of each service are the same. EA Play will give you access to a vault of games that is updated periodically, often with EA's own titles months after their initial release. You'll also have access to new games ahead of launch, with time-limited trial periods that allow you to retain any progress should you purchase the game at a discounted price. EA Play will still be $5 a month, or $30 a year.

EA Play Pro will adopt the benefits of Origin Access Premier, which allows subscribers to play new titles without any time limits from launch. It's easy to think of EA Play Pro as EA's own take on Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, for around the same price. EA Play Pro will be $15 a month, or $100 a year.

EA Play is a brand the publisher started establishing with its events around E3. This year's stream was called EA Play Live and showcased some of the titles EA is launching throughout the rest of the year. EA says that it will stick with this naming for future events. The name change will be effective from August 18.

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