EA Platinum service discontinued

Electronic Arts cancels its online game subscription service and discontinues several online games.


Electronic Arts has announced that it is discontinuing its EA Platinum subscription service as of December 7, 2001. The service is a paid part of EA.com, the publisher's online game portal. The company is also canceling several online games that are featured in the service, including Air Warrior, Silent Death Online, Triple Play Baseball, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour Web Golf. Subscriber accounts will not be billed for any subscription fees after November 6.

EA also announced that beginning in December, a number of games will be available for play on EA.com free of charge, including Need For Speed Web Racing, NASCAR Web Racing, and Knockout Kings Web Boxing.

EA.com was launched in October 2000 and supported more than 22 million registered users earlier this year. The EA.com Platinum Service was launched in April 2001. For more information, visit the official EA.com Web site.

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