EA planning three-peat for NBA Street

Third installment in EA Sports Big's arcade-style b-ball series will arrive in "early 2005."


In a move that shocked no one, Electronic Arts announced today that it is developing a third installment in its popular NBA Street series. Tentatively titled NBA Street V3, the game will be developed by EA Canada and released under the EA Sports Big brand in "early 2005." Like its predecessors, it will be released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube and will have online play for all but the latter console.

Like the first two NBA Street games, NBA Street V3 will pit professional basketball players past and present against each other in pickup-style street matches. Players will be able to choose from a series of over-the-top moves that defy the laws of physics. The game will let players get street cred by winning matches in a variety of new locales, including Rucker Park and Venice Beach. Players can also customize their b-ballers, create their own courts, and patent new moves.

"NBA Street V3 is a celebration of the culture and inventive style of street basketball," said senior producer Wil Mozell. "We're excited to continue to push the possibilities of customization, self-expression, and creativity in the new-school revolution of hoops."

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