EA pitching The Sims to TV

Uberpopular life simulator may soon be seen on a different small screen: the boob tube.


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The Sims is about to get a little more into The Real World. Electronic Arts has reportedly been pitching the idea of a reality television show based on the life simulator to several television production companies. While no plans have yet been given the green light, EA does have a few ideas on what a Sims television show would be like.

Jan Bolz, vice president of marketing and sales for EA Europe, told Reuters: "One idea could be that you're controlling a family, telling them when to go to the kitchen and when to go to the bedroom, and with this mechanism you have gamers all over the world 'playing the show.'"

The Sims is the most popular PC franchise to date and has been wildly successful in targeting a crowd other game publishers have failed to attract: women. Sixty percent of the 36 million The Sims players are female.

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