EA Origin users spent 61 billion minutes playing games in 2013

Users also logged 1.3 billion game sessions and earned over 158 million achievements during the year, new infographic says.


Gamers logged 1.3 billion game sessions through Electronic Arts' Origin service in 2013, racking up a total of 61 billion minutes of playtime put together, the publisher has announced as part of an infographic detailing the platform's achievements in 2013.

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EA Origin had more than 50 million registered members as of summer 2013, including 22 million on mobile platforms, though it's not clear how much that base has grown since. An Origin account is required for games played through the service.

Whatever the case, EA Origin's entire playerbase amassed 158,952,020 achievements in 2013 and logged 299,446,345 chat sessions during the year, the publisher said.

Finally, EA said players logged into Origin 726,858,789 times during 2013. Importantly, it is unknown how these data points compare to figures from 2012.

Valve announced this week that Steam added 10 million members in the past three months to bring its total playerbase to over 75 million users. Steam launched in 2003, while Origin debuted in 2011.

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