EA named 'Worst Company in America' by Consumerist

Battlefield, FIFA publisher topples Bank of America in 2013 final round with 77.5 percent of votes to earn title two years in a row.


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For the second straight year, the Consumerist has named Battlefield and FIFA publisher Electronic Arts the "Worst Company in America." EA knocked out Bank of America in the 2013 final round with 77.5 percent of the votes, winning the site's "Golden Poo" award.

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To reach the final round of the consumer affairs blog's tournament, EA took down companies like AB InBev, Facebook, AT&T, and Ticketmaster. Bank of America toppled Capital One, Chase, Wal-Mart, and Comcast to square off against EA in the final round for the second straight year.

According to the Consumerist, EA has failed at three "core requirements" of running a consumer-friendly business. These are: provide a product that people want and like, sell your product at a reasonable price, and support the products you sell.

Reached for comment, an EA representative pointed to chief operating officer Peter Moore's recent blog post on the consumer poll, which stated, "We can do better. We will do better."

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Someone fire this idiot (Peter Moore)

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If you read his whole comment back once again EA claimed "it's just the internet so it doesn't matter"

Internet = people who have accesses to the internet = people in the real world with money = opinions of consumers= your consumer base EA.

Translation "It's just our consumers so it doesn't matter"

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EA is still worse than Bank of America...wow

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FIFA, NHL and their sports franchises in general are the most overrated games on the market. Before the addition of ultimate team and their game modes that update in real time there was no replay value after the first month because the poor, repetitive in-game action was too frustrating. The only things any EA Sports games have going for them is exclusive licenses and massive advertising campaigns to make up for their flawed, incomplete games. I was loyal to EA Sports for years until I finally had enough and first switched to 2K for hockey and PES for soccer. Their driving games are terrible these days as well.

Oh, and worst of all, dating all the way back to the mid-90s their customer support has been absolutely terrible, like clockwork they remove references to and support for the previous year's title as soon as the new one comes out, and therefore the online functions of most of their games become useless.

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Guess EA can turn anything into a yearly franchise.

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And still people buy Madden 11, 12, 13 not really caring that they're all the same shit as before with improvements ridiculous enough that they could just come up as a patch

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"provide a product that people want and like,"

Missed one point, totally.

"sell your product at a reasonable price,"

considering I don't want them, I'd say that very low to free would only work for me.

"and support the products you sell"

Depends on what this means by supporting, if it means making sure that it is quality and fixing any problems, no.

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Yeah, EA just decides to cripple your titles with their annoying DRM... And fund your games... So much freedom

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EA = worst company in america

capcom = worst company in japan

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It never ceases to amaze me that in THIS economy, with the rampant corporate whoring going on and the huge mega conglomerate businesses RUINING their employees way of life on a daily basis, wrecking the Earths natural resources and raking in profits for their CEOs while their employees are on foodstamps, a damn VIDEO GAME company gets named the worst because it doesn't offer enough free crap for their over entitled audience. Wow, America. Wow.

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@grim0187 Couldn't have said it better myself!

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@grim0187 Too true!! D:

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You can thank me later.

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Activision is worse...

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@AvatarMan96 I used to rank Activision #1 in my "Companies from which I won't ever buy a game again" right above EA. However, in the last couple of years EA has taken the top spot. Origin exclusivity is the worst for me.

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@AvatarMan96 Yes, that's what I'm saying to other people, but to be honest, I think these ratings come from CoD fanboys and bullshit supporters of that company, because Activision isn't even considered here.

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EA is still way much better than Ubisoft... Now there is an arrogant company worthy of the title!

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EA: "In light of being voted "Worst Company in America" for the second year in a row, we at EA are undertaking a major strategy to correct this problem and make sure it never happens again: we're moving to Canada."

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@Rokon37 ....stay there.............

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EA dug up a nice little whole for themselves, and I don't pity them, but maybe they will turn themselves around this time.

Despite what anyone says, I do enjoy their products, but they do need to handle themselves better. However, I don't condone some of the bias against them.

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@ceromaster They earned that bias.. They really really earned it.

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EA has some good products out there( if you disagree then your just a fan boy bashing BF3), what kills them it's the image of money hungry whores that kills them.

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@lethargicdonkey Wrong. EA is A Parasticic Piece of shit that Buys Up good companies and runs their games into the ground (Interplay, Origin, Pandemic, Bioware, PopCap), and whatever good games they have, they have, they have ruined. (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dead Space)

This has nothing to do with Battlefield 3, or the FPS Bubble World where everything is about Battlefield 3 VS. COD.

That's what "you're" missing.

And it isn't an Image. It's their Business Practices.

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"Golden Poo" award...... XD

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I have to say it only looks interesting to me at the very beginning. I feel so bored now. You guys should play Age of Wushu with me, a real sandbox game.