EA loves Europe, Katamari

Software giant to copublish PAL version of popular sequel for previously Katamari-deprived continent.


It seems that Electronic Arts loves both Europe and Katamari Damacy--the company announced today that it will copublish a version of Namco's sequel to the original ever-expanding-soul-clump game in PAL territories early next year.

For many PAL gamers, this will be their first chance to become acquainted with the Prince of All Cosmos and his adventures. Despite finding a strong audience both in Japan and North America, the original Katamari Damacy remains unreleased in Europe.

We Love Katamari picks up where the previous installment in the series left off. The Prince of All Cosmos has restored the stars that his father, the king, had wiped out by mistake, and he's garnered quite a fan base for himself as a result. However, in the first game, it turns out the prince restored only enough stars for Earth; now he must make enough stars for the entire solar system (astronomy buffs are asked to direct their hate mail to Namco). Players will also have to fulfill the people's requests and roll up clutter from a number of locations around the globe.

For more on We Love Katamari, check out GameSpot's recent impressions of the Japanese retail version of the game.

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