EA looking at more DLC subscription deals

Battlefield 3 Premium-like services could integrate into other company properties, EA Labels president says.


More subscription services like Battlefield 3 Premium sound like a good deal to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, according to a GamesIndustry International interview. Gibeau said the onetime purchase subscription for current and upcoming Battlefield 3 downloadable content could lead to similar deals for other Electronic Arts properties.

EA wants to sell you more stuff for your preexisting stuff.
EA wants to sell you more stuff for your preexisting stuff.

"We actually think our Premium service exceeds what Elite does--from a value standpoint, from a content standpoint, and longer term we think that we can bring more properties into that offering, and that'll be great for the business," Gibeau said.

While EA had considered the service before the game's launch, it took additional time to prepare, he said.

"This is an industry where people have a lot of one-upsmanship, and if somebody innovates, you match it or you exceed it."

Battlefield 3 Premium, which topped 800,000 subscribers paying a onetime fee of $50 within its first two weeks of availability, followed last year's EA Sports Season Ticket. By comparison, Activision's $50 Call of Duty: Elite annual subscription for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has attracted 2 million paying members since its launch in November. Like Battlefield 3 Premium, Call of Duty: Elite grants users access to a stream of map packs and other perks.

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