EA knocks out Fight Night 2 roster

Second edition of punch-fest will feature cover boy Bernard Hopkins, legends such as Muhammad Ali, and bruisers like Arturo Gatti.


Electronic Arts today released the official roster of boxers appearing in its upcoming brawler, Fight Night Round 2. As the name implies, Round 2 is the sequel to Fight Night 2004, the much-lauded boxing game that appeared on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Round 2 will be released February 28 on the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox.

Fight Night Round 2 will feature boxers from the current era, as well as pugilists from the classic days. The game will implement the analog-joystick punching system popularized in the original Fight Night, will feature a new cut-man mode, and will let boxers change weight classes à la Roy Jones Jr.

The entire roster for Fight Night Round 2 is as follows, grouped by weight class:

Roy Jones Jr.
James Toney
Muhammad Ali
Chris Byrd
Joe Frazier
Evander Holyfield
Sonny Liston
Rocky Marciano
Ken Norton

Light Heavy:
Jeff Lacy
Evander Holyfield
Roy Jones Jr.
James Toney
Antonio Tarver

Bernard Hopkins
Ray Robinson
Jermain Taylor
Ronald Wright
Jake LaMotta

Ricky Hatton
Roberto Duran
Arturo Gatti
Shane Mosely
Ray Robinson
Miguel Cotto
Ray Leonard
Micky Ward
Ricardo Mayorga

Mike Anchondo
Jesse James Leija
Roberto Duran
Arturo Gatti
Juan Lazcano
Floyd Mayweather
Shane Mosely

Rafael Marquez
Erik Morales
Manny Pacquiao
Marco A. Barrera
Diego Corrales
Derrick Gainer
Kevin Kelley
Juan Manuel Marquez

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