EA keeping Porsche out of Forza 4 - Turn 10

Microsoft racing studio says Need for Speed publisher took a U-turn on sublicensing sports car brand for latest installment in the Xbox 360-exclusive racing sim series.


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When Forza Motorsport 4 hits the street October 11, it will do so with a host of cars, modes, and features not seen in its predecessors. However, the new Forza is losing a series standard in the form of the Porsche license.

Forza 4 will have plenty of cars, but no Porsche.
Forza 4 will have plenty of cars, but no Porsche.

In a post on the game's official site, Turn 10 community manager Brian Ekberg explained the absence.

"As many of you know, since the beginning of the Forza franchise, the Porsche license has been available only through a sub-licensing deal with EA," Ekberg said. "In Forza 3, we were able to feature more than 35 different Porsche models by offering to collaborate with EA. For Forza 4, we were looking forward to adding even more Porsche cars, and we were especially looking forward to featuring multiple Porsche experiences in our new Autovista mode. In the end, however, EA couldn't see their way towards collaborating again."

Electronic Arts will be putting the Porsche license to use later this year with the November release of Need for Speed: The Run. The arcade-style racer puts players in a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York, with on-foot segments and a larger storyline.

While Forza 4 will lack the Porsche license, it will have three cars from RUF Automobile. RUF is a German carmaker that specializes in heavily modified Porsches and Porsche-like cars.

According to the post, the Forza developer has been trying to persuade Electronic Arts to once again sublicense the brand for a year and a half. As of press time, EA had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

For more on Forza Motorsport 4, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for Sura4321

Porsche is finally back, yay!

Avatar image for tim_ruddell

IMHO they are over expensive and look too similar. Plus the flat six doesnt sound good to me. straight 6 single turbo on the other hand (especially the RB26DETT) are muuuuchh nicer. if ony the they included the actual sound of a bridgeported rotary, not just some stock idle :(

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pfff EA sucks big time :|

Avatar image for JudgeSim

EA are such dicks

Avatar image for nissanmaxima

@tech951 IMO not buying Forza 4 because EA will not sub-license Porsche means you were not a true fan of franchise. This is out of Turn 10 hands. Forza 4 will still be a very good racing game, and you will miss out cause of a stupid reason. your lost buddy.

Avatar image for tech951

<< LINK REMOVED >> I did pick up the game. I do agree it's a great racing game. However my complaints are still the same. Lack of Porsche, the crash physics are wildly different from Forza 3 (in my opinion the crash physics in Forza 3 made the game even better) and Tag Virus with the odd crash physics made for an unimpressive experience.

Avatar image for tech951

@nissanmaxima I was going to pre-order Forza 4, until I saw the news EA is preventing Forza 4 from including Porsche. To me this means the game is incomplete. Yes, I know its Turn 10 but I am not happy with how things turned out with Forza 4, so I typed it Turn ten. I was very excited about Forza 4.

Avatar image for MyBordomLingers

They can keep their Porsches. There are better cars out there anyways!

Avatar image for razorfett147

This is EA laboring under the delusion that its Shift series now has the clout to take down Forza and Gran Turismo. Good luck with that, EA.

Avatar image for RitsukoEX

@x-boy360 GT is the Real GARBAGE Simulator!!!!!

Avatar image for Raxyman

@Snaptrap Well, as i said, i don't like when money is over the customer. Even though the companies intent IS profit, that is better done if the company treat it's customers well isn't it? I know it isn't everyone who feels that way, but i do. I have my favourites like Bethesda, Codemasters and 2K, because they haven't failed me yet. EA, Namco and Ubisoft have, so i don't contribute to their actions. And there's one company that is out of this entirely. Steam. Did they ever pull of this kind of stunt? I can't recall at least.

Avatar image for Snaptrap

@Raxyman Yeah, but like I said - if I didn't support a company because of stuff like this then I wouldn't have any games. No company is innocent of this type of trash. Just like when a company buys another company to secure "exclusive" rights to a game that was originally planned for a different platform.

Avatar image for Raxyman

@Snaptrap Each one to it's own opinions then. What said about "just business" is what i can't accept, because while they do actions that's good for THEM, it's always bad for us customers. What if every singledeveloper started doing this just for business? We're going to have a racing game with just porches, other with mazdas, lamborghini, BMW and so goes on. Games are about entertainment, and every time they decide to maximize their profits they always kill the fun on the games. But as i said, everyone is entitled to have it's own opinions, and that is just mine... As of today i'm not supporting EA any more.

Avatar image for boardn720

This is just another reason for me to continue to NOT buy EA games. Ever since EA announced the online pass code I have refused to buy their games, and as of today I have not purched any games from EA.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

As long as they put in my 04 Cavalier I'm cool!:)

Avatar image for x-boy360

Come On Guys........ FORZA didn't reach the high level of GranTurismo series (The Real Driving Simulator).... i have the both games i mean GT 5 and forza3..and actually forza is just an arcade racing game..if you have the both games you know what iam meaning...GT5 still on the top of racing pyramid..then forza comes second then need for speed on the third place.... ^_^

Avatar image for anomaly3001

Doesn't surprise me @ all! That what EA does when they get competition they don' t compete they take the ball and go home, and oh yea buy a exclusivity contract! Can you say NFL2k5?

Avatar image for MacenKrace

I can't believe they're so cheap... They could have offered more for the Porsche license and probably could've given us more cars... Microsoft is so cheap and stingy.

Avatar image for shakensparco

What I'm getting is that EA is doing this so that its game seems more appealing to people because it has Porsche exclusivity? I could only imagine that maybe 50 or so people would buy the game for this reason. 50 very stupid people. To everyone else, this looks pathetic and frustrating. EA is terrible about keeping a good image.

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

No Porsche? I love Forza but thats a deal breaker.

Avatar image for TruSake

Do what Gran Turismo does and use a replica, Ruf. Porsche are too greedy and they accept a deal and don't care for sharing. Bastards.

Avatar image for roksbee

ea stupidity strikes again

Avatar image for Shadow_Dog

Damn that sucks. Although I won't be playing this game anyway it kind of sucks that they're giving the Porsche license to some mediocre game.

Avatar image for igorphoenix

I hope there will be some DLC later

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Speaking of Brian Ekberg .. where's the Gamespot editor of the same name these days ??? He used to host some great Today On The Spots !!!

Avatar image for ssdd_again

Oh EA, you are pathetic, jealous that Turn 10 have considerably more competence than you are we?, maybe you should spend less time counting our money and more time learning how to develop a game properly. Was thinkin of gettin 'The Run', now Im not. And Im not buying Fifa 12 after the kak they released last year either, keep pushing me EA, keep pushing.

Avatar image for demirtay

is not good news...

Avatar image for Firefoyx

No 2011 porsche 911 gt3 rs. :(. This is a bad business move as I am sure they would get more money from making a deal with turn 10/microsoft than having exclusive porsches in some stupid need for speed game that will be bad anyway. I mean really who will buy need for speed over forza just because they have porsches in need for speed only.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Although i understand the frustrations, i really could'nt care less, as ive never used a Porsche in any Forza game anyway. I would'nt worry to much, as im sure EA will try to milk us for a Porsche DLC later on down the line anyway,

Avatar image for superivanho

it's been the same for the Gran Turismo not only Forza

Avatar image for WellBeSerious12

LOL! As a PC gamer, I don't care! Everyone already knows EA is a BEACH! As for Forza, I could care less. I prefer shooters over racing anyday!

Avatar image for m6x_p0w3r

damn you EA stop hindering AWESOME game developers if theres anywhere Porsches should be its in Forza 4 you turds

Avatar image for Gaz9000

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for DomaineStickem

no Porsche's huh?... i smell future DLC

Avatar image for Rayrota

Even if EA relents and allow Forza 4 to have Porsches, the damage has already been done, but EA could at least keep it from getting any worse. To give EA some credit, they sure know how to hold on to a deal. Didn't EA make this deal with Porsche over 11 years ago with the release of Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed? Speaking of Porsche, where are they on this topic? Do they even know what's going on?

Avatar image for Rayrota

I can't get over how bad of a move EA made PR and business-wise. 1. People already view EA as the evil empire of the gaming industry. Why reaffirm their beliefs with a move like this? 2. People will believe EA is afraid of Forza Motorsport and Turn 10. 3. People will think EA's latest racing game, Need For Speed: The Run, won't be any good. Why should they when EA is going out of its way to try to eliminate any sort of competition before the game is even released? 4. People will start boycotting their games, especially the upcoming NFS, in protest. Some people have already started, notably by cancelling their pre-orders of BF3. I was just about to pick up Shift 2. Now I don't know if I should, and I'm definitely not getting The Run now. 5. It's one car brand, granted the biggest brand in motorsport but still one brand. How much more money does EA expect to make by saying that their racing games are the only ones that have Porsches, especially in contrast to the money that they are GOING to LOSE with people boycotting their products? Not to mention that games like Forza still have all the other brands, including Ferrari which EA doesn't have outside of a Xbox exclusive DLC for Shift 1. Continued to next post...

Avatar image for bev1324

Well that sucks. Don't think I ever raced in a Porsche in Forza 3 but I still like the idea of being able to if I wanted lol.

Avatar image for Avenger1324

A shame they couldn't continue to use the grandfather rights to keep Porsche in for this version of Forza, so as with every other game we will have to settle with RUFs. I'll bet that when Porsche signed the deal with EA they thought they were getting a brilliant deal. And I'll bet that in recent years they have been kicking themselves at the lost opportunities from EA blocking everyone else.

Avatar image for Snaptrap

@Raxyman If I have a problem with a game publisher/developer I simply don't own their games except that's rarely the case since I know it's just business. EA has done many things to &$#@ me off but nothing severe enough to boycott all their games. I will not buy games developed by EA and games published by Focus Home Interactive mainly due to quality of the software with EA or customer support with Focus. If a game is good enough to own then I'm going to support the company by paying for it directly so they can continue developing great software.

Avatar image for Raxyman

@Snaptrap Unfortunately i really can't tell, i don't live in USA so i don't know how things work there. Have you tried EBay or GS Fuse? I don't know how it works the Fuse, but i think it's used. In my country there are tons of small games stores, and they sell used games.

Avatar image for ajarman1

Ummm...while I'm not impressed with EA, why isn't anyone complaining about Porsche? They're the ones signing exclusive deals with EA (like NFL). RUFs are better Porsches anyway, so looking forward to RUFs being in the game. And is anyone really going to miss the Cayenne?

Avatar image for Phaselinear

Need for Speed can't come close to the Forza series. This like buying Madden (which I don't anymore), and having EA only use the NFC teams. Completely @nal EA will loose BIG on this once everyone learns of it. I have an incredible driving wheel set up, and now it's basically useless without the best game software to support it. Guess I can take this game off my "Follow" list for this year, and get my pre-order money back.

Avatar image for iminiki

EA is the most disgusting company in the world.

Avatar image for BLAS1AN

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for fanirama

Electronic Arts is becoming more like Electronic Farts day by day.

Avatar image for deathblow3

wow they have to sub lease Porsche?!! this is why i hate ea their games are sub par and never up to snuff. so now they just get exclusive licenses and not let you use popular cars or sports. i guess i have to either wait to battlefield is in the bargin bin or just skip it all together like the last 3.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for DenverNick

@ColdfireTrilogy Thank you, the video of the Carrera GT taking the top spot on Top Gear is a perfect example of how great these cars are

Avatar image for Carpe_Noctum

This is why I haven't given EA a dime of my money in 9 years and why nobody I know buys EA games new anymore.Do they really think that people will buy a Need for Speed game over a Forza game? All companies need to make money, but EA takes it to another level; just sub-lease some of the cars.Sad.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

What the Hell EA??!