EA Is Sending 2 TB Hard Drives To Longtime EA Access Subscribers

Check your mail!


Here's something pretty cool: Electronic Arts is sending out 2 TB external hard drives to EA Access members who have been subscribers "from the start."

Recently, people on Twitter reported receiving the surprise care package in the mail, which includes a 2 TB Seagate external hard drive, three one-month EA Access membership codes, and a note from EA.

"We figured with the 40+ games in the Vault, you could use some extra hard drive space, plus a little extra something to get your whole crew on board," reads the note from EA.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also reported that he received the EA Access package of goodies.

The Seagate Xbox One external hard drive normally goes for around $100, while one-month EA Access memberships cost $5, so this is a pretty sweet offer and a nice gesture of goodwill, indeed.

EA Access launched in August 2014 on Xbox One, with a PC version called Origin Access debuting in January 2016. In addition to a library of games, subscribers save 10 percent on all EA digital content and can play some games ahead of launch.

No version of EA Access is available on PlayStation 4.

In other news about EA Access, the newest game to join the Vault, Zuma's Revenge, launched on March 30. It is an Xbox 360 game that plays on Xbox One via backward compatibility.

EA Access will soon be joined by another digital game program on Xbox One. The Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style service that provides access to a 100-game library for $10/month, will launch later this year. By comparison, EA Access costs $5/month or $30/year.

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cant wait to receive mine

Avatar image for zura_janai

this doesnt mean we will forgive you for what you did to mass effect!

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I used to be a fan of EA Sports games on Xbox Box One but with all the rigging they do to the games I just can't play them anymore. I don't care about 2tb HDs. I care about playing good games first.

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Quite a nice gesture. Respect

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Don't get me wrong it is a nice gesture but it only costed them like 10 bucks each hard drive. Jordan's cost about 10$ to make but sell for 250 don't get retail price confused with what the product is actually worth.

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@BankAMG: Unless you are buying trade then the retail price is what they sell for .. and what the consumer can expect to pay ! I doubt you could walk into a store and buy a 2TB hard-Drive for $10 !

It can also worth the other way .. I bought a car that over the last year has increase in value so it is worth more now that its original retail price .. but as with anything for sale its only worth what someone will pay for it !

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I got this on day one so this would be awesome if I got one. Thanks EA. That's kind d of rare to say that while not being sarcastic.

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There's no price tag on my respect, it has to be earned. I suppose if you are hard core into dime a dozen sports titles then you will need that extra space because Access has that in spades.

I still haven't been able to do anything with that Day One Xbox gamer pic.

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@khanwashere: EA Access is a pretty good service for many and its cheap ! Its a great way to Access a lot of Games without paying for them - Also gets you a discount on purchases which is a nice bonus !

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@ltjohnnyrico: I'm sure it's a fine service but I feel inclined to point out that your wrong, you *are* paying for those games. Your paying exactly 5$ a month for them (or 30$ a year).

Avatar image for lfebaggins

Will EA send anything to the poor basturds that preordered Mass Effect Andromeda?

Avatar image for daBrokenFace

@lfebaggins: Yeah, EA will send them notices to buy DLC, haha

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

I hope I get something. I don't think I got EA Access day one, but had it pretty soon after.

Avatar image for karloss01

Urgh, Seagate. Hope it lasts longer then a month.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@karloss01: I put a Seagate drive in my gaming PC when I first built it, and it's lasted 4 years with zero issues.

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How nice of them to have a part of their avid members working on recruiting 3 friends each.

It can be seen 2 ways...

The Hard Drive is a nice bonus indeed but the main plan was probably to get more customers to hop along to the service.

They need to have masses to make any kind of profit out of it.

It's a bit like car dealers giving 100$ to anyone refering friends/family to buy a car at the same dealer.

In then end they're giving maybe 1% of their profit margin but they're getting a new customer to make profit on.

Marketting strategy before goodwill if you ask me...

So... Go tell 3 friend of your how great I am and I'll give you a gum pack!

(All proportions taken, it is about the same as what EA did...)

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so where is mine then

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"Not a great value for our gamers" - SONY

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@sodapoppimpski: Yeah its annoying to be fair as My Kid has a PS4 and the service would be great for him ! I hope Sony come out with a similar service to the one MS is releasing as I think it will work well for a lot of people !

Avatar image for jach

@sodapoppimpski: And it really isn't for a lot of people, so that isn't entirely wrong. And with Xbox' own subscription, it will probably become pointless.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@jach: It is good value - Sony missed a trick with EA Access - I hope they don't miss the Trick by not having their own subscription service to rival MS's !

Avatar image for jach

@ltjohnnyrico: Sony already has PSNow, no point in making another.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@jach: PS Now is not the service we want !

Avatar image for jach

@ltjohnnyrico: you*

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@jach: No we .. we would much prefer a subscription like the MS Game pass .. or EA access .. its better value ! Unless you actually think I am the only person who wants a better value service?

Avatar image for jach

@ltjohnnyrico: Of course you're not the only one, but you can't speak for everyone in the community. PSNow, EA Access and MS Game Pass are all great value, but not all of them are great value for everyone. EA Access would be pointless for me because of the lack of games I don't already own. I could see myself buying MS Game Pass and/or PSNow as they actually give me access to a lot of games I don't, and they're more diverse so they are both better offers than EA Access, as they hit more players.

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@jach: don't be ridiculous. It's a great value no matter the situation and it's embarrassing that Sony would even say that.

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@sodapoppimpski: Netflix is objectively great value, like EA Access is. Subjectively it really isn't because of the content offered, it's not for everyone.

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@jach: arguing semantics. regardless of the content, which has a wide variety of different games it is a good value.

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@sodapoppimpski: That's what I wrote. But if I offer you 500$ worth of games and you only want and like to play 2 of them, then it's good value, but not for you. Most of the games that EA offers and I want to play I already own, and with the time and the low amount of games I'm interested in coming to their subscription, it would be more expensive for me to subscribe than just buy what I want. If they can get more companies in on it, it will become really interesting.