EA inks Mad Catz deal for Sims accessories

Publisher enters into nonexclusive deal with peripheral producer for PC and console items based on Maxis' popular franchise; The Sims Medieval due out March 22.


In January, Epic Games and Mad Catz inked a deal that will bring Gears of War 3-themed accessories to retail when the game is released this fall. Now, the accessory maker has partnered with Electronic Arts for a similar deal.

EA and Mad Catz: A match made in heaven?
EA and Mad Catz: A match made in heaven?

According to EA's announcement, the deal grants Mad Catz nonexclusive rights to produce and market a "wide range" of PC and console accessories based on the popular The Sims franchise. The announcement did not divulge what kind of accessories Mad Catz will produce for The Sims but did note that it plans to craft items for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, DS, and the 3DS.

The next Sims title due out is The Sims Medieval, which ships for the PC and Mac on March 22. The title, the first in a series, will have players create heroes, venture on quests, build and control a kingdom, and play every "Hero Sim" character in the game. Additionally, The Sims Medieval gives players the chance to control persons from all walks of life including kings, queens, knights, wizards, blacksmiths, and bards.

For more on the latest The Sims title, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview of The Sims Medieval.

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Avatar image for Ceraby

Never heard of Mad Catz...but if they had simple accessories like a keychain or something featuring The Sims, then I'd buy it.

Avatar image for Bangerman15

the only two things i can recall ever owning from madcatz is a game boy color charger and a snes controller.... that controller sucked lol

Avatar image for leogenghis

I haven't had any experience with past MadCatz products (they might really be poorly made as you guys say) but the PS3 charger I bought recently performs well. It's got a clever design, able to charge the Move, Navi and Dualshock controllers (none of the other companies' products could do all three). It was rather pricey though.

Avatar image for TheRealLisaAnn

Sims Medieval looks interesting.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Sims Medieval ey.. I suppose that's one step closer to Theme 'Castle' that I thought up in my youth many years ago... That would be an awesome game.. Even now!

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

You couldn't pay me to get a Mad Catz product. Like others have already said, Logitech and Razor make far better products.

Avatar image for DrKill09

When will big gaming companies realize Mad Cats make absolute garbage? They should go with Logitech instead. MUCH better products. Granted, I go through a lot of their pc controllers, but I abuse the hell out of them. My G15 (model1) keyboard still works great, and I've had it since 07. Their mice and keyboards are great, too.

Avatar image for strayfies

Aren't we already wearing and using and sitting on Sims accessories?

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Sure Madcatz; lets see you compete with quality peripherals on the PC, like Logitech, Razer, and Microsoft. I could use a good laugh. The ONLY reason the SFIV items were decent quality was because they enlisted 3rd party consulting and used Sanwa parts. The non-TE stuff was still garbage.

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

Assuming they don't mean adding mouse support, which, admittedly, would be nice, what kind of accessories does The Sims need?

Avatar image for puffadell

madcatz back in the mix

Avatar image for sonicremix9

Madcatz still exist? Hmm, I wonder what Game Genie or GameShark are up to as well.

Avatar image for NAWAF005

I misread the title and thought that they are adding pets to the game, how disappointing. :(

Avatar image for korko3

The original lolcatz.... how the hell are these guys still around?