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EA Hoping Its Add-On Content Sales Will Reach $1 Billion This Year

Madden NFL 15 and other EA Sports titles expected to be "major" contributors this fiscal year.

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Battlefield and Mass Effect publisher Electronic Arts has high hopes for digital add-on content this year. Bloomberg reports that the publisher is hoping to reach $1 billion in extra content sales across its entire games portfolio in the current financial year.

Madden NFL 15, and other EA Sports titles, will be "major" contributors, EA corporate communications representative John Reseburg said. EA Sports titles monetize beyond the initial $60 purchase price through their Ultimate Team modes, which let you spend real money to buy players and more. Reseburg pointed out that total Madden NFL add-on content revenue rose by 350 percent for the quarter ended June 30 compared to the same period last year.

Is it feasible that EA could reach $1 billion this fiscal year? Some of EA's biggest fiscal 2015 games include Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Sims 4, which will presumably all be supported with lots of add-on content. Pile on top of that revenue derived from Ultimate Team modes across EA Sports titles, and hitting $1 billion sounds entirely possible.

EA's fiscal year 2015 ends March 2015, so we won't know if the company was successful in hitting that mark for some time now. To put that $1 billion figure in context, EA's total revenue for the fiscal year ended March 2014 was $4.02 billion. For the year, Ultimate Team modes alone generated $380 million.

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