EA Gives The Sims 4 Players Special Items for Owning The Sims 3 and Its Expansions

You'll get one reward per game or expansion, and an extra one if you own all 12.

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Sims fans who plan on picking up The Sims 4 will be entitled to a variety of special in-game rewards, provided they own The Sims 3 or its expansions.

The newly announced Sims 4 Rewards program will give you one in-game item per Sims 3 expansion you own, as well as one for the base game itself. Each of these items is a different-colored lamp in the shape of the Sims logo that will "affect your Sims' emotions and personalities in a unique way."

There were 11 expansion packs released for The Sims 3, meaning there are 12 lamps to collect in all. Should you be enough of a fanatic to own the full dozen--I, myself, will have to make do with two measly lamps--you'll get a bonus reward in the form of the "Ultimate Freezer Bunny award."

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To receive your rewards, you need to have either purchased the game or expansion through Origin, or registered it through the official website. Once you've done so, visit the rewards page and the corresponding items will unlock so that they are available in the Build Mode catalog in The Sims 4. You have until December 31, 2015 to claim your rewards.

Sims' emotions are a point of emphasis in The Sims 4. The focus on this aspect of the game is one of the reasons cited for the lack of toddlers and pools, which have been a major point of criticism among fans. Further fueling complaints from fans is the prospect of a Battlefield Premium-esque service that EA may plan on offering.

The Sims 4 is scheduled for release on September 2. EA recently announced its system requirements, which you can view here.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>mmm.... I don't think it's worth buying it. I'll just play some other games for now.

Avatar image for UberZano

If maxis leave EA and go for backer pledge system, i would pledge in a heart beat, but now i will just pirate the game EA needs to go away. i'm tired of big companies screwing me and everyone else over.

Avatar image for skotj1979

Does EA really think anyone is going to buy this? After the last attempt at Simcity...

Avatar image for Signal2Noise

Woohoo! I qualify for all lamps + the bunny bonus!

On second thought that's pretty sad.

Avatar image for Anigmar

All right let's say I like the green one for the colour. I place it on a table next to the couch and invite some bros to watch a football game. Now let's say the emotion it inspires is 'flirtous'. Are my bros start making out with each other just cause of the lamp?

Avatar image for Wreckboy1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Is that a problem?....lol

Avatar image for grimlord_xvii

Someone better code a shovel into The SIms 4, because it has some hole to dig itself out of.

Avatar image for Grodoboldo

What a coincidence EA, I reciprocate and also like to give something to your games: the finger.

Avatar image for RedLegZeff

So if you spent 600 dollars on their last game, they'll give you a couple minor items that don't effect the game much that they cut out of the game before launch. It's nice to know there are some things you can count on to never change. Thank you EA, for always being there, to always try to rip us off and insult us in a roundabout manner.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

But you won't get the features they've cut out of the game.

Avatar image for jedinortd_basic

The sims 4 should contain EVERY past feature without us having to buy the expansions again PLUS new content. If I have to buy the same expansion for the same features like the past games, then I'm done. I'll just stick with sims 3. Oh! I also want to be able to see and interact inside EVERY building, not just wait outside while my sim goes in. I've always hated that.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b797108c254e

<< LINK REMOVED >> On the bright side, if you do get The Sims 4 and the 20 expansions they will release until it's on par with what we had on TS3, by the time TS5 comes around you will be rewarded with exclusive wallpapers!

Avatar image for hobotech64

<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't look, but the EA execs are laughing as we speak.

Avatar image for jedinortd_basic

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> ugh i know

Avatar image for johnlewis107

Are they really all just different colors of the same ugly lamp? This is the worst loyalty reward I have ever heard of.

Avatar image for mxpower

To say my co-workers will be impressed when I bring them over to see these lamps is the understatement of the year.

Avatar image for ---Cipher---

Can the items we get for supporting the game be things that have been in game since the first one like toddlers and pools?! Because then I probably might care!!!!!

It's like paying $60 for a game you don't really own but for $400 now!!!

Avatar image for Cellpwn

I'm not saying I'm going to pirate the SIms 4, but I'm going to pirate the Sims 4.

Avatar image for GSyysonyonly4yyGS

EA games SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for brunod_f

They should give TS3 owners a discount in TS4 purchase for having it. I mean... to compensate for them to have payed so much for it, and still have a very broken game full of bugs, almost making it unplayable. But nooo... they gives us freaking useless lamps instead.

Avatar image for GSyysonyonly4yyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> Good luck with that all we got for betafield 4 was some Handguns and battlepacks simple solution ? Don't buy the sequels until they fixed but hey people won't do that because they are cowards and accept that EA r.ape.

Avatar image for gullgullgull

I bought the base game, which became more and more broken as updates were released for its overpriced expansions. Sims is a series where the games have less and less content in the base games so they can sell it to you later. No pools, no toddlers, just a $800 statue. Perfect series to borrow online, with all expansions and store content.

Avatar image for hobotech64

You'd think with all their hat money they'd actually use it to fix their stupid game, but no, this is EA. Sims 3 is the most broken $400 game ever. Now they're gonna abandon it so that you could have a stupid rabbit statue in the $60 sequel.

Avatar image for simsumre

For only $799 you can own the Sims 3 + all 12 expansions, item packs, micro-transactions and Katy Perry packs! Oh boy EA, what a deal. Let me pull out my wallet right now so I can get some in game item!

Avatar image for therealzorvan

I own the base game and two expansions. So 3 lamps for me. At least until Sims 3 Ultimate Collection for free is released as the Sims 2 was ( I never even bought anything Sims 2, thanks for the freebies!). Bad move EAware. Now instead of buying the expansions for Sims 3 at various sales as they come up, I will put no more money into Sims 3 as I know you'll eventually give it to me for free. Hmm, now do I want to hold out for 15 years or so and then get the Sims 4 completely free as well? Hmmm, I could see that working out just fine actually.

Avatar image for hobotech64

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Some sims will actually do that.

Avatar image for chisei_fuuma

It seems EA trying very hard to monetize their old games indeed

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

does it include a pool? :P

Avatar image for simsumre

<< LINK REMOVED >> No pool, that comes later as a summer FUN TIME pack!

Avatar image for sblazed

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's F#@%^%$ Summer Time!™

Avatar image for sknight175216

I guess you could call this...enLIGHTening.

Avatar image for Wrathesoul

Not touching anything EA have not from back when the last EA game I bought was Dead Space 2.. I will not buy this game unless it is a totally 100% done with zero and I mean ZERO microtransactions and NO premium service BS just a game that is done and isn't SimCity buggy and only pay one price for the finished game no leaving out this or that to milk gamers for more money no on disc dlc BS no EA typical greed involved. I truly detest EA and have from around 1/2 life of the ps3/xbox 360's life. If they don't do any of the above mentioned I might try to not hate their existence as much but that isn't likely its EA Greed after all and they wont change for the better.

Avatar image for PhoenixRush

Incentive indeed.

Avatar image for grimlord_xvii

So now the people who have money to throw away will want the new stuff and just buy all of the expansion packs for the game they won't play because they have 4,,, I got the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection last week. This is all I will need until EA releases some kind of virus that corrupts all older copies of a series...

Avatar image for Talyab

<< LINK REMOVED >> They can't buy them all. One expansion was retired due to uselessness and disinterest.

Avatar image for rohitv2312

<< LINK REMOVED >> the way they are going....it won't be long.....

Avatar image for ECH71

<Email from EA deleted>

I don't care for emotions. I want it for the architectural aspect. I want to build, damn it.

Avatar image for simsumre

<< LINK REMOVED >> Try Minecraft.

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

I wouldn't even want the lamps.

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