EA gives Battlefield a boost

Publisher expands EA Downloader service with a pair of $10 booster packs featuring new content for multiplayer first-person shooter.


Electronic Arts' new Downloader program only has a couple of offerings at the moment (the Battlefield 2: Special Forces expansion and The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack), but it represents a significant first step into digital distribution for the world's largest third-party publisher. EA announced an expansion to that initiative today with the impending release of a pair of booster packs for the popular first-person shooter Battlefield 2. Each booster pack will provide a selection of new content for players for the sum of $9.99.

Starting February 8, players will be able to download Battlefield 2: Euro Force, which adds a European army to the game, complete with seven new weapons and four new vehicles. The pack also includes three new maps, including one set in the middle of an oil field in flames.

That pack will be followed by Battlefield 2: Armored Fury, which features three maps set in rural America and two new vehicle classes. Attack jets will feature rocket pods and cluster bombs, while scout choppers are handy in ferreting out the opposition's favorite hiding places.

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