EA explains Steam store absences

Publisher says disappearance of Crysis 2, other titles from storefront result of Valve forbidding contact with players about new patches, content.


Last month, Electronic Arts' first-person shooter Crysis 2 disappeared from Valve's online storefront Steam, sparking speculation that the publisher was pulling its titles from rival marketplaces to make them exclusive to its own such offering, Origin. Today, EA's head of global e-commerce David DeMartini released a statement about the flap, explaining exactly why some of the publisher's titles are no longer available on Steam.

Electronic Arts won't let Crysis 2 on Steam unless it can tell purchasers about post-release content.
Electronic Arts won't let Crysis 2 on Steam unless it can tell purchasers about post-release content.

DeMartini stressed that EA will allow its titles to appear on any downloadable storefront, but there is a catch. The executive said, "We take direct responsibility for providing patches, updates, additional content, and other services to our players," and so insist on being allowed to "establish an ongoing relationship" with customers and contact them to inform them of new patches and available content.

"Unfortunately, if we're not allowed to manage this experience directly and establish a relationship with you, it disrupts our ability to provide the support you expect and deserve," DeMartini said. "At present, there is only one download service that will not allow this relationship. This is not our choice, and unfortunately it is their customer base that is most impacted by this decision. We are working diligently to find a mutually agreeable solution."

As of press time, Valve had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

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Steam automatically patches and downloads everything new. What does EA want further?!

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It was dumb for them to do in the first place. Steam will always be more successful then their so called "Origin".

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Valve auto updates and gives us information on each games specific news feed along with allowing direct developer|user interaction through their dedicated forums which are provided for each specific game. Many indie devs use this to their full advantage. Not sure what EA means by this but it feels rather soupy.

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As anti-EA as you people seem to be, I assure you most of you will grudgingly use origin to play Battlefield 3

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EA is so full of it. EA wont let steam sell there games because they want to be able to email you and tell you they have a patch for you to go download instead of steam automatically downloading your patch and telling you it is doing so. Stupid and a lie.

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Honestly EA, who do you think believes this crap? For one thing, this is a new development, they're just pulling the games now, Steam and certainly patches have been around for a long time, so you just developed this deep caring for your customers now? Aside form that, I don't know any gamers that don't follow patch news for their favorite games. To be perfectly blunt I don't need yet another email to delete from my inbox. If this is about your customers EA, here's a crazy idea I have for you, ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT. I use Steam as my online vendor for digital games exclusively and I can tell you right now, I don't want you to contact me about anything. Let Steam auto patch my game like they do now and leave me alone.

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@X-7 Actually, it's a very smart move by Valve. Steam is the monopoly of digitally distributed games and boasts the best offering of games around. If one of Valve's clients wants to develop a system to rival them, then what better way discourage sales than alienating the customer from EA?

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EA trolls you will die because ruining epic companys like Westwood and C&C frenchies like !!! Going to support steam after this and to buy 3-4 games ! Hang on STEAM we are still alive (Anti EA gamers)

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lol I love when companies try and say that the crp they do is for us, if they were really concerned about our opinions they would just make a work around.

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This direct relationship also means I have to create a new friends list in EA games just to play with my friends instead of incorporating the Steam list. They should think about what consumers want and this is not it.

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So this is EA's suger-coating. Read between the lines and you get "Valve wouldn't let us spam their users with annoying e-mails and pop-ups like D2D, so we took our ball and went home. It's Valve's fault we swear!". Self-serving BS, gamers are not stupid. Just when I though EA wasn't completely evil they pull crap like this.

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Origin is a lie.

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im still gonna use steam, not origin. if i want somethin from ea thats not on steam, well ill just go to gamestop.

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Steam has cornered digital distribution on the PC market, EA will soon learn how loyal PC users are.

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I think thw whole "We want to handle the patches is kinda dumb." I understand why they would want to sell directly when dealing with DLC and I think Valve should just yield. It would make them money anyway. Honestly, I think that it would be nice if EA would strike a deal basically allowing them these privileges with the exception of auto-patching which is a nice feature of Steam. Honestly, they are both being childish.

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The cake is a lie.

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Only ever had a couple minor hiccups with Steam, use it almost every day. Always found it convenient with a ton of great game deals. Not going to start signing up with every company to download their games from their exclusive client. Just not worth the headache. Like it in an easy to use, self patching system like Steam for all the games. Better way would be to cut 5 bucks off all your games sold on Origin to lure people in for the deals while leaving them on Steam to make sales there as well.

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i see this becoming a real problem for consumers in the coming digital age. Every publisher is gonna want to sell direct to you so that means having seperate launchers and game installers and so on.... i just want all my games in one place on one program and that is steam.

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It's not about patches and support at all. It's about maintaining a relationship to sell more crap like DLC. It probably means a decrease in sales of some games, but Origin will likely fix that for them.

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Such BS. They obviously pulled the game from Steam to fortify their own service. Doing something like this is like like saying "I don't use the post office to deliver my letters because I want to deliver them myself." They might as well have just said "We can't hate Steam, 'Steam' has 'EA' in it, so how could we hate them?" Would have made more sense. What I really don't get is how they say they're doing it for the customers because of their apparently world-class customer service, yet all these people who bought the game on Steam (EAs customers) don't get updates? I this wasn't made clear, but it seems like a natural repercussion. Wonder when the Origin vouchers will start rolling out for people who bought through Steam... These, of course, will in no way be an attack on Steam either. Whatever, less people at Valve working on Steam and more people working on Half-Life 3.

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Good... EA can't get their hands on money from steam members

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I am really tired of every publisher AND service wanting you to have an account to play what you paid for (starting long before they started leaking personal info from hacks). Microsoft Live holds your game saves hostage and charges you to pick a screen-name on a free account.... EA wants you to pay them directly now for their abusive amounts of DLC that ranges from mere cheat codes to day-one DLC. Apple, PSN, MMOs.... it gets to be ridiculous. Steam was the one service that could hold AN account login that spread across almost everything. Shame on them says EA.....

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Good Steam is second rate retailer with good games, but terrible service. Not that I'm going to use Origin either but I'm happy when any company makes it's own distribution service and pulls a little more revenue from Steam.

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"We take direct responsibility for providing patches, updates, additional content, and other services to our players," you mean spam my inbox with stupid s**t? steam updates my game automatically, and I get to see a changelog from the publisher of the update, telling me how they are fixing and improving a game i paid them for. that's why i love steam. companies can easily temper their games without fear that lots of customers won't realize there's a patch and wreak PR carnage upon them.

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Valve sucks, haven't made anything good since Half-Life 2, yeah, I just said that, rate me down fanboys.

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Really doesn't seem like it's worth taking Crysis 2 off.

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How "honorable" of EA. In other words, this is complete BS and it's driven 100 percent by greed and absolutely NOT because they want to establish a "relationship" with their customers. What an insult to pc gamer's intelligence everywhere.

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I'm sure they don't even care about the lost revenue. It's just another corporate pissing contest.

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Complete joke, and bound to be a long-term decision that bites them in the arse.

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Heh, what a joke. "We take direct responsibility for providing patches, updates..." blah blah blah. What he MEANS is they want direct access to consumers for advertising. They just can't stand that Steam allows other publishers to use their visual "shelf space." Steam does a hell of a lot better job of delivering patches, updates, and content than EA ever has, or ever will. It also bears mentioning that, while Steam sucked when it was released, it's gotten to be a better product year after year, while EA's product keeps getting worse - so EA should be learning from Valve's management, instead of going outside their core competencies and into direct distribution. Time for some new blood on EA's executive team.

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So Crysis 2 is not on Steam because Steam refuses to hand over the email addresses of the people who bought the game through them? THANKS STEAM! Now we have to have a little talk with the other download services. Are they handing out our email addresses?

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Good job EA, way to bite the hand that feeds. Noobs. :P

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i smell...mmmhmm...greed

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EA at it again, just drop the BS and admit you don't want to distribute your published games over Steam anymore. So if you get it over other place you will have a version without the automatic access to patches and who knows what else you will not be able to do, 2nd class citizen style. What a pathetic joke of a company you are

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"...and unfortunately it is their customer base that is most impacted by this decision." Yep, except fortunately, there will be less spam.

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BS. Go home EA and rue your lost revenues from Steam which is an excellent all in one service. Oh yeah! your Origin. DOA.

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Lmao I'm sure some jackass at EA plotted this from the start.

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Blah blah blah, some more bull***t, let's promote our worthless ORIGIN X_x

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All things considered that's a pretty lame excuse. When has EA ever actually cared about "establish(ing) an ongoing relationship"with customers? Heck, EA is probably one of the worst companies for customers to directly deal with.

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I hate Steam

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how about providing the choice of not wanting these EA letters ? I mean put your game on steam .. make an option that if you want these letters subscribe to this site for example not a particular site , and if you don't want these letters proceed and steam it . PS : EA you'll find that most of the customers don't want news letters and if there is a patch .. steam automatically run it to the customers .. stop harassing us please........ Steam stay strong baby !!!!

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If I download a game from Steam, I'll pay them for it. If I don't download it from Steam I won't. Period.

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I've been using Steam for many years, and I love it .. The updating of games has NEVER been any issue, and I got like 300+ games on there .. However, I am saddened by Valve/Steam hogging the "demo" scene though, they tie in their steamworks, which makes it so that demos can't be standalone, or for some reason publishers never seem to release a non/steam demo .. makes you wonder ...

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EA..... Lets send a game to steam but want special treatment of the games.. Steam... Lets keep as we been doing and reject said EA game.. EA... Goes to the public saying we tried to send game to steam but they rejected because of their policies.. Get ready for some lol like this once Battlefield 3 pops out.. Political battle interjected with EA new online service and EA's new stance on there software products... Still a bit weird of EA to start some type of battle but they def trying to franchise more of their brand. Remember how all this started? Steam took crysis 2 off and said to the public that EA cut the ties of the agreement of the game. Now we have alot of EA talking and battleline words spoken........ I have my popcorn..

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I wonder how long it took for them to finally think up an excuse to pull their stuff from Steam?

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aaaand here is EA ruining what keeps PC gaming going on with its selfishness...

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To be honest, I'm not that big of a fan of Steam. I've had more problems getting patches installed on Civ 5 because of them then I had on any other Civ game I didn't run through steam.

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EA just found a way to blackmail Steam it seems. Don't give in Steam. Hang in there. Steam is your product. Don't let someone else take it over.

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Hmmmmm yeah right... I think they removed their games due to some low sales (specially on crysis 2) that affect EA image or something... Doesn't make sense. "We are selling a lots of games, but since Valve doesn't give players updates, we will stop making lots of money"

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