EA expecting 'golden age' of gaming soon

Labels boss Frank Gibeau claims from current "chaos" will come a "new order"; believes new era will be an exciting time for games.


The gaming industry today is flooded with newness. New platforms, new business models, and new distribution channels are emerging left and right. Speaking to GamesIndustry International, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau described these advancements as "chaos," but that has not kept him from envisioning a bright future for the industry.

Gibeau believes a
Gibeau believes a "new order" is on the way for games.

"I've been in the industry for a fair bit of time, and looking at the chaos that people perceive is happening out there right now, frankly, from my perspective, the underlying opportunities are so huge that we're about to embark on a whole new golden age of gaming," Gibeau said.

The EA executive pointed to the rapidly growing size of the industry as a positive point. He said ten years ago, the size of the industry was measured at 200 million gamers. Now, he claims, the industry's size totals one billion gamers, and is heading towards doubling that figure.

"From this chaos, you're going to get a new order, a new approach, that's going to be a very vibrant time for games," he said. "Yes, there's chaos right now, but a golden age is coming."

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