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EA employees wear frustration on their sleeves

Shop on Cafepress features shirts with cynical take on employee gripe over unpaid overtime and working conditions.


On the Cafepress Web site, a portal that allows users to create their own custom apparel and items and sell them, a virtual store has opened featuring T-shirts emblazoned with a phrase that illustrates recent complaints that some Electronic Arts employees have voiced concerning working conditions at the company. Available in a number of styles at various prices, all under $20, the shirts read: "I worked 90 hours a week for EA, and I didn't even get this lousy T-Shirt." Because Cafepress requires no up front costs to open a store on the site, it's likely the idea isn't focused on financial gain, but rather as an inside joke among some EA employees. Sources inside the publisher tell GameSpot they have yet to see the shirt surface among employees.

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