EA drops Plants vs. Zombies 2 lawn mower microtransaction tax

EA calls the addition of a fee for lawn mowers a "test," which has now ended.

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EA has taken a lot of flak recently for its microtransaction model. First, there was the highly unpopular "lawnmower tax" in Plants vs. Zombies 2, which required players to repurchase any lawnmowers lost in the course of play. Previously lawn mowers would respawn at the start of each new level. Then Peter Molyneux vocally expressed his disdain for the pay-or-wait mechanic in the recently released free-to-play version of Dungeon Keeper.

But EA seems to be listening to the criticism. Today, in addition to partnering with GOG.com to give away the original Dungeon Keeper for free, they also removed the lawnmower payments from PvZ 2.

A representative called the addition of a fee for replacing the lawnmowers a "test."

"We are always testing new features in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The lawnmower feature noted by some players was part of a small-scale test and is now over."

Other changes to Plants vs. Zombies 2, such as the more linear level progression, are still in effect. But we'll be on the lookout for more "tests" that may be conducted in PvZ 2 in the future.

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Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

They also increase the cost of abilities and shorten the time you can use them. Its all bullshit.

Avatar image for ZoTrAcK

"Just a test to see how the dummys will buying anything from us"

Avatar image for Hellhound30x

Yeah... I wish I could just throw my nickels and my dimes as hard as I can in their faces. E.A. is so freaking greedy.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

What bullshit. They got greedy and thought they could push their luck.Glad to see they realised just how wrong they were.

Avatar image for moonlightwolf01

A test. As in, "how much crap will people eat before they stop playing our games". Yes that that sounds like EA's version of a valid test.

Avatar image for nl_skipper

They are listening to shit, the only reason they reversed this is because enough people actually took a stand and DIDN'T buy it, therefore not making EA as much money as they had hoped, so they reverse it, big whoop.

Avatar image for CriticalCritic

I'd like to know the demographic of people who actually buy into microtransactions. My colleagues and I certainly haven't purchased any, and we play a lot of F2P mobiles games. I avoid them like the plague.

Avatar image for Pewbert

So EA are nice down to earth people after all. Look how generous they are.

They are not making you pay for a lawnmover in a game. Amazing people.

Avatar image for Techtroll

They will be running their next test on the titanfall sheep

Avatar image for Sl4cka

EA: "New strategy. Let's rip our customers off and then publicly call them idiots."

Avatar image for zintarr

I am so glad I do not have this piece of shit. All this game proves is that there are a lot of stupid people out their.

Avatar image for Sarg1010

Was BF4 a test too?

Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

<< LINK REMOVED >> It still is.

Avatar image for zyxomma100

A test? What a coincidence! I'm running a test, too, where I don't support games with simple gameplay elements being sold as microtransactions!

My test is still ongoing, though. I'll probably need a few more decades of data.

Avatar image for Faye_Tallity

Disgusting trickery, there EA. Really disgusting. The public is not stupid. Nice try though.

Avatar image for picho86

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think that you give the public too much credit.

Avatar image for ShinobiMedic

Please don't buy or use EA products -.- For the sake of humanity.

Avatar image for picho86

EA makes me nauseous, they ruin everything they touch. Their conduct reminds me a little bit of mobsters. They destroy everything they touch, piss on everyone, and then give gifts and contribute to charity. Aren't they saints?

Avatar image for Barighm

The test: Can we get away with it?

Molyneaux: F**K YOU!!!!

Results: Nope, I guess not. Next: can we get away with charging people for pressing buttons on their controllers? Unlock the "X" button when playing EA games!

Avatar image for Vexov

EA is a real slime, gaming industry is starting to smell too foul

Avatar image for ahpuck

EA, treating their costumers like lab rats. Plants vs Zombies was awesome, but I'll not be playing PvZ 2, not as long as EA keeps insulting their costumers.

Avatar image for tomservo51

If you like your lawn mowers, you can keep your lawn mowers.

Avatar image for ahpuck

<< LINK REMOVED >> Hilarious!

Avatar image for PinchySkree

You are always testing to see how stupid the sheep are.

Don't worry, we will always be here to call you on your shit.

Avatar image for outlawoftorn

i mean seriously, why is he insulting our intelligence and calling it a test? You test out gameplay mechanics, like increasing the recoil of a gun, or decreasing the amount of health you have.

It is not a test when you say "Hmmm..let me see what happens if I start charging real money for this in-game item." Results: I make money! wow! I did not expect that!

Avatar image for RossRichard

We should do a 'test' of our own. The 'test' of not buying EA's games anymore. It is the only way they will ever listen.

Avatar image for picho86

<< LINK REMOVED >> I've been conducting this test for a few years now, and the results are very encouraging.

Avatar image for Barighm

<< LINK REMOVED >> Too bad people think Titanfall is 'teh s**tz.

Avatar image for CnConrad

Free to play just needs to die.

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> Free to play is okay, Free-2-wait is what Ea makes.

Avatar image for juiceair

And yet EA wonders why they were voted worst company.....smh.

Avatar image for EPaul

Yea a test.............

Avatar image for tinyname

Titanfall: Losing a match? Need a mech? $1.99

Avatar image for itmustbepaul

It wouldn't have been a "test" if the game continued to get 4 and 5 star reviews.

Avatar image for deactivated-584419ec3a052

Yet we all know they'll pull something atrociously disgusting in the next game they release. Forget nickle and diming, EA wants to punch old ladies in the face and steal their handbags.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

<< LINK REMOVED >> ...and then punch them in the face with their own handbag. ...and a lawnmower (but they have to wait 4 hours for that).

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

Microtransactions for lawnmowers... wow EA, just wow.

Avatar image for Martyr77

I don't know who is worse. EA or Microsoft. Both are just terrible companies determined to take the last dime off the idiot masses.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

<< LINK REMOVED >> There's no comparison. Microsoft at least has a division that makes Office software/bloatware, and bulky e-mail servers (that admittedly scale decently). EA would charge per document/e-mail if they did -- or you can wait 24 hours for each mail to send if you don't want to pay the 34 cents.

Avatar image for GSyynoandnoyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> at least Micro$oft still has Xbots. EA? Nobody's defending them

Avatar image for itmustbepaul


Avatar image for megakick


Avatar image for parabol69

You already did by referring to people as Xbots, you dumbass

Avatar image for GSyynoandnoyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not bringing another fanboy war bullturd here.

Avatar image for GSyynoandnoyyGS

EA is like King Midas

except everything they touch turn into a golden turd