EA Develops WCW for the PlayStation2

Electronic Arts confirms that it has begun work on a PlayStation2 version of the popular wrestling-game franchise.


WCW Wrestling

Electronic Arts has revealed that it is currently developing a WCW title for Sony's upcoming PlayStation2 platform. The company recently informed Newsweek magazine about the title and told how the PlayStation2 will benefit the WCW game franchise. According to EA, for the PlayStation2 version of the game, the company is making use of new technologies to make the game more realistic than ever.

"For the original PlayStation, he would have simply used drawing software to re-create Goldberg from a picture of the wrestler," stated the Newsweek story. "But that's so last millennium; for the blazingly fast PlayStation 2, anything less than hyperrealism is unacceptable." GameSpot News spoke with Electronic Arts on Tuesday, and the company confirmed that WCW is in the works for the next-generation Sony console but refrained from giving any further details.

For the complete Newsweek text, check out the story linked to the right.

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