EA Dev Asks Battlefield Fans For Patience And Understanding Until The Big Reveal

"I'm killing myself to deliver something I think you'll love when the time is right."


EA's communications director for shooter games, including Battlefield, has acknowledged the frustrations of fans awaiting more details on the new game, asking for patience.

Andy McNamara said on Twitter that people have come into his Twitter mentions to call for him to be fired. He understands people are eager to find out more about Battlefield 6 and assured them he's doing his best reveal the game in the right way at the right time.

"If I read my tweets, I believe a number of Battlefield fans are calling that I get sacked already. I understand your frustration, but I can tell you I'm killing myself to deliver something I think you'll love when the time is right. Patience please," he said.

McNamara added that the entire development team is working hard as well to get the new Battlefield game ready for its big reveal.

As part of EA's earnings release on Tuesday, the company also confirmed that Battlefield 6--or whatever the game is called--will be available on both generations of consoles, in addition to PC. McNamara said he's aware people are concerned that this approach might negatively impact the game, and he again asked fans to be patient until EA reveals more.

During the call, EA management said Battlefield 6 will look and perform best on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S thanks to the improved horsepower of those consoles that can deliver higher player-counts and better destruction. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be no slouch, though, as EA said the game looks and runs great on any platform it's available on. The new game is also coming to PC, and as usual, performance will depend on the stature of your rig.

Battlefield 6 will be officially revealed in June, though a specific date has not been announced yet. EA's big summer showcase, EA Play Live, is scheduled for July, and the game is sure to have a presence at that event as well.

The new Battlefield game will release this holiday. A mobile Battlefield game developed by Industrial Toys is also in the works and slated to release in 2022, with EA assuring fans it is a standalone experience built from the ground up for mobile.

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