EA: Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 did not meet expectations

Publisher says big-budget shooters "came in below our forecast" despite topping charts during release month.


Big-budget shooters Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 did not meet Electronic Arts' sales expectations, despite topping sales charts, the company revealed today in a post-earnings financial call.

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EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said sales of these titles "came in below our forecast." Specific sales figures for the games were not divulged.

Dead Space 3 sold 605,000 units and was the top-selling title in the United States during its February launch month, according to NPD data.

Crysis 3 was also released in February and was the month's third best-selling game in the US, moving 205,000 copies, according to the research group.

Crytek founder Cevat Yerli previously said that Crysis 3 is "so far, our masterpiece."

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after playing Crysis 2, I was literally not interested immediately in Crsis 3, even if it was better. I mean setting it in New York? really? That was an instant no, because I already had a city landscape Crysis. How bout setting it somewhere else? like Space or something or India? Or I would of gone for Peru , or just something else.

Avatar image for Cryio

@nyran125tk "Set in New York" is just for marketing. Crysis 3 feels like a devasted city, full of lush jungle. You are never once aware exactly in what City your in. You're told you're there, but just just about.

Oh, and the level design, for most of the game, is great.

Avatar image for SoulxReaperx366

Is it me or are EA's games getting shorter and shorter?

Avatar image for Nexzy

well Dead Space 3 was a okay game for me...

but serious.. Crysis 3 was just a show-off really.

Avatar image for xepha537

Crysis 3? Never heard of it. o_O

Avatar image for dragontech22

I wonder how much of this is simply because they did not release them on steam? I actually didn't buy it on PC because I did not want to deal with Origin, so I rented it at a redbox for the PS3 ($5 to finish the game). How much bad press does EA get already, and they want people to trust that Origin will always be around like we know Steam will?

Avatar image for pixelstuff

@dragontech22 I haven't purchased Crysis 3 yet because it's not on Steam. I guess that makes at least three of us. Plus a couple more that I know are waiting.

Avatar image for sakeyake

@dragontech22 It's probably a pretty big deal. Steam is pretty much the only way I keep track of PC release dates unless I happen to see a big banner ad somewhere, so EA has been off my radar lately. I'm sure a lot of casual gamers are the same way.

Avatar image for rockstar_88

The problem with EA was that they released all of these games within a couple weeks of each other. They basically cannabilized themselves. Had they actually spaced out their releases, especially since the next couple months are going to see yet another dry spell of hardly any games, they may have been met with more success and people willing to fork over more money.

Avatar image for ashyblood

I'm glad Dead Space 3 didn't meet their wild expectations. While it's a great game, they've lost my respect by not putting any effort into fixing the bugs that thousands have been complaining about since the games release, on ALL platforms. Tomb Raider barely has any bugs and has recieved about 4 updates. DS3 has at least 3 major bugs I can think of and no updates for all this time its been out. What EA/Visceral? Simply because your sales expectations fall short you must abandon all customer support? It's not worth it? Honestly, go out of business already, we won't miss you.

Avatar image for Cryio

@ashyblood What bugs does Dead Space 3 have? I honestly haven't seen one.

Avatar image for nightsinner

That's because both franchises are played out you corporate dummies!

Avatar image for ps2fatboy

so what were the numbers did they want for each game ?/ hell they still be selling,

Avatar image for botsio

@ps2fatboy say it again how much did they want to recoup from these games, i'm sure a million copies wouldn't have been enough.this is destroying the art of game making basing it on sales targets rather than community feedback.

Avatar image for Dirty_11

the whole thing is like the metallica black album, made their music shitter to target the masses disregarding those who bought their music in the first place. respect in turn was lost.

Avatar image for Conscrumptured

Maybe you shouldn't ruin the Dead Space series next time, and it'll meet expectations. But then, why would EA worry about that.

Avatar image for couly

Crytek should compare Crysis 3 with Far Cry 3 and see where they went wrong. Even after superb reviews and huge sales, Ubisoft didn't call FC3 their 'masterpiece', oh how deluded you are Cevat.

Avatar image for doolindesperado

@couly at least Ubi could say that. FC3 was an expierence.

Avatar image for Cryio

@doolindesperado @couly Technically, Crysis 3 is technical (lol) experience.

More cerebral were the first 2 unfortunately.

Avatar image for blackothh

its not gamers fault that you dont allow value to be put into your games, you have yourself to blame

Avatar image for SavageEvil

Ok, first thing what is with people in here complaining about micro transactions...you don't need to pay a dime extra to beat the game so what the f**k are you complaining about that crap for? DLC is extra stuff if you want to experience you buy, other than that it isn't needed. You ass clowns piss me off with this DLC should have been in the game from the start, if that mess wasn't needed to complete the game then it didn't have to be included as part of the main game and EA is within their right to sell it as an extra because it is.

It's incredible hearing this micro transaction flap, when none of it is actually warranted since the main game you purchased you can beat without spending a penny over the purchase of the new game. There is a market for DLC so EA wants to make money off it, but don't complain about it if it has zero bearing on your gaming of said game. Bunch of jealous crybabies upset because others have money to spend on extraneous gameplay and blame the publisher for charging you money for extra stuff that wasn't part of the main game nor was it free to produce.

Now the fact that both these games did poorly goes to show that you can't stray too far from your formula without repercussions in the case of Dead Space 3 and well Crysis 3, um, that game is boring and has always been...just might as well just remain a bloody tech demo showing of visuals since it lacks substance. Short easy to complete games are bad, you reach the crescendo to quickly and you are left with a wanting more but there is none. Honestly after playing the demo Crysis 3 I wasn't at all wowed by it since it felt like Halo, everyone looked like the same bio enhanced freak with a penchant for murder but it brought nothing with it that made the game something different. Honestly will all the emphasis on social gaming why the hell aren't there more multiplayer co-op designed games? I recently played the FUSE demo and it was a tad underwhelming but it has multiplayer co-op, which I hope the developer capitalizes on and scales difficulty of the AI to match higher ranked and human players and forces more team based objective gameplay. One battle was versus two humanoid armored units and I could see utilizing the specific operatives abilites in tandem would greatly increase the chances of dispatching the enemy units, that is only if the developer takes it to that level of cooperative play. I will be watching this game as it progresses as it seems a bit more intuitive than the usual one man army slew of games we've been force fed for the past 20 years.

Avatar image for Umitencho

@SavageEvil EA defense force.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

Uh-huh. When someone state thier opinion which collide with the opinion of many, they automatically become employees of the company. Your logic is flawless...

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

Shame. Crysis 3 was great compared to Crysis 2 and even close to the quality of the first game. While the game campaign was short, it had a great story, gameplay, voice acting and stunning music. Sure it may not one of the best but definitely not a bad shooter as many believe.

Avatar image for Cryio

@Bumblebee1138 Why is C3 so great compared to C2? Sure, it's maps are wider and more open and aproachable, but C2 has a more coherent and smarter story. You actually cared about stuff. In C3 ... not so much.

Also, C3 vs C2 with Maldo v4 in graphical terms? ... Highly debatable.

Avatar image for vashtricham

@Bumblebee1138 THERE IS A REASON MANY BELIEVE IT... BECAUSE ITS TRUE. But since you also enjoy lego games i can see why you cant tell that crysis 3 is not that great

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

@vashtricham I'm not trying to bring a religous argument here but many believe that god exists; but that doesn't mean it is true. And what does me playing LEGO games has to do with this? It simply means that my gaming experience ranges from kiddy games to ones filled with blood and gore. Not just limited to FPS games as SOME people.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

@vashtricham @Bumblebee1138 You're not a very bright person are you? The point of that argument was that just because many people believe something, doesn't mean it is true. And I'm not sure whether I should laugh at your hilarious way of describing the term "Casual gamer" or feel sorry for been so ignorant by thinking LEGO games are the ONLY games I play. As I said I play kiddy games, blood and gore games, games with epic storylines and gameplay, sport games etc etc etc. Name any genre. I have the most overrated game of that genre and it's most underrated, that casual gamers like you probably never heard of. So yes I'm more experience than SOME casual gamers who only play FPS so YES if I say Crysis series has good story and gameplay, it is with reasons and experience.

Avatar image for vashtricham

@Bumblebee1138 @vashtricham Yes because religion and video games are totally comparable in this aspect/sarcasim. PLaying the lego games shows you have that you are more of a causal gamer who can not comprehend that Crysis 3 was too easy, too short, boring story since you seem tyo enjoy those kind of games

Avatar image for CastorT

Crysis used to be interesting.

Avatar image for Cryio

@CastorT Crysis 3 surprised me 3 times.

1) God damn it, they can actually pull of this kind of tech on 7 years of hardware. Again, my god. I mean, the levels are hugh, full of stuff and details!

2) The boss near the ending of the game. Did not see that comming. Was somewhat tough to put down. Also liked the design.

3) The ending was ... completely unexpected and entirely at another level. Portal 2 style. Also, the "meta" ending I much appreciated.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

after crysis 3, it still is.

Avatar image for vashtricham

@Bumblebee1138 crises defense force

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

If you're trying to make a joke the least you can do is do it with correct spelling.

Avatar image for Raven_1981

The one thing I really missed in Dead space 3 was the dismemberment, you don't really have to dismember the necromorphs like before, you can just shoot them and they will die anyway, I wonder if anybody else noticed this????

And of course the horror, it has some good moments but not enough, I think the story and the visuals are very good, the weapon crafting systems is good but there comes a moment where you feel to overpowered and the enemies don’t seem to keep up, there are a lot of things that make the game feel less than the other two…….

It has several modes that unlock once you finish the game, still have to try them, maybe classic mode will be more of my taste

Avatar image for IbanezWarrior

@Raven_1981 I agree mostly with what you said, but can't agree with you on the storyline. I didn't bother finishing the game as, for me, the story was so bad it was actually annoying me. That along with the lack of atmosphere and it fell flat compared to its predecessors in my opinion.

Avatar image for Raven_1981

@IbanezWarrior I understand what you are saying, in parts of the game I had the same feeling regarding the atmosphere, I really liked tha parts in space, I also liked some of the first chapters in tau volantis, some of the middle chapters here I did not like and felt flat like you said, but towards the last chapters some really cool monsters came along that had this particular look and an alien feel to them that I really liked, more explanations came to the story that are still making me wonder, it compensated me in a way.... You should finish the game, in a momment I stoped liked you, but went back and really liked what happend

Avatar image for beavisj

Well, they lost a sale/preorder for DS3 as soon as they announced day 1 DLC.

I stopped preordering or buying them as soon as they come out. I will wait until a few months when the price drops & there is a sale on DLC

Avatar image for Redsyrup

I'll still check out DS3 when the GOY Edition comes out at $20. I'd rather wait and receive all the paid content at a reduced price. I don't like being nickel and dimed or feeling as if I've paid full price for an incomplete experience. I've got patience EA.

Avatar image for Raven_1981

@Redsyrup I don't think there will be more content after the awaken DLC, to me it was pretty clear of what’s coming next, don't want to spoil anything but I say Dead Space 4 must be on the way, unless they decide to clarify the events with more content, could be possible, but it would have to be a really big content.

I just hope they finish the story

Avatar image for WiggityWhack

That's odd, the shovelware crap they keep throwing out didn't sell well? Maybe if they had put an ounce or two of imagination into them instead of cracking the whip at the developers and not allowing them any freedom at all...

You can't impose strict fiscal year based deadlines and expect a game to be successful. God I hope these last few months have taught EA something.

Avatar image for vashtricham

Crysis 3 was sub par plain and simple. One of the Biggest Disapoinments this year

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

Disagree. While the campaign was a little short, it had a great story and gameplay, and faaaar away from being a dissapointment.

Avatar image for vashtricham

@Bumblebee1138 And I disagree, the campaign was short with a very flat story . The gameplay was too easy and became bland after a while. All in all it was a average game with wasted potential

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

@vashtricham Just because YOU believe it's bad doesn't mean others only act like the game is good. Stop being illogical and immature. As I said the game story wasn't brilliant as Mass Effect Not gameplay was awesome as Far Cry 3 but the game was faaaaar away from being dull nor boring. Especially not when there are many FPS out there that make player asleep while playing. Crysis series was away from being the most awesome games but it was great and a interesting FPS to play. The problem is becuase graphics is much superior than many, people go with the bandwagon thinking that's the ONLY good thing about it is graphics when it's not.

Avatar image for vashtricham

@Bumblebee1138 Yes I played through it just like every other crysis and the story was dull and flat, it doesnt matter that there are worse fps stories out there. This games story is still boring, dull and flat. The game is a average game at best, sorry that you enjoyed it because many others did not and feel the same way as I do. Stop acting like if you dont enjoy crysis then you must not have played any other FPS.

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

Have you even played the game? Crysis 3 was far away from being a flat story. Sure it's not Mass Effect but it had a good and interesting sci-fi story. And have you played any other shooter games? Because there are ALOT more boring gameplay video games but this is not one of them. It had a lot of different weapons, a lots of moves and different enemies which kept the game going.

Avatar image for Raven_1981


I agree with you, its a good story, I also cant consider it a disappointment, it has its flaws but it also still shows potential if they added more horror it would be really cool

Avatar image for vashtricham