EA closing Jane's Combat.Net

Electronic Arts talks about its decision to shut down the online flight combat service.


Jane's Fleet Command

Electronic Arts has posted a notice on Jane's Combat.Net, an online service for the Jane's Combat Simulations series, that it will shut down the service on April 30. According to the announcement, the decision was based on a desire to focus the company's efforts on EA.com, which offers several types of online games, including the World War II online flight sim Air Warrior III Millennium Version.

Jane's Combat.Net supports a number of popular Jane's flight combat simulations, including F-15, Fighters Anthology, WWII Fighters, USAF, Longbow 2, Fleet Command, and F/A-18. Owners of the Jane's games will still be able to play with friends over a LAN or an Internet connection, but Jane's Combat.Net will no longer host the service.

According to a statement from EA, "This decision was not made lightly. As the online game category expands, we want to continue to develop new forms of online entertainment, all of which requires that we deploy our personnel and financial resources in different ways." The company is dedicated to offering exciting online entertainment to consumers, and it invites fans of Jane's Combat.Net to explore the different games offered on EA.com.

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