EA clarifies position on having microtransactions in all games

EA won't be putting controversial microtransactions in all of its games, says CFO, after earlier EA report suggested this would be the case.


EA has clarified its position on microtransactions, after announcing last week that the controversial system would feature in all of its games.

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Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen made the comment last month, but has today said it was "really not true."

"I made a statement in the conference along the lines of 'we'll have microtransactions in our games,' and the community read that to mean all our games, and that's really not true," said Jorgensen at Wedbush Technology Conference (via Polygon).

What Jorgensen was actually saying was that microtransactions would be a core part of its mobile software. "All of our mobile games will have microtransactions in them, because almost all of them are going to a world where they are play-for-free," he clarified.

In Jorgensen's original speech, he said that "consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business" with regards to microtransactions.

EA's Dead Space 3 was the subject of much controversy after its decision to include microtransactions, but that won't be the case in all of EA's console games. Jorgensen further went on to clarify the publisher's position towards downloadable content on its console games, pointing specifically to Battlefield Premium as a way to extend the life of its titles.

"It allows someone to take a game that maybe they played for 1,000 hours and play it for 2,000 hours," said Jorgensen. "We are very conscious that we don't want to make consumers feel like they're not getting value. We want to make sure consumers are getting value."

"The real core of the microtransaction business is within the mobile part of our business which is the free-to-play business," he concluded.

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