EA claims it's top next-gen game publisher in the West as profits increase

Electronic Arts reports its financial results for its fourth quarter and announces there won't be a new Need for Speed this year.

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Electronic Arts reported its earnings for the quarter ending March 31 today, claiming it is the top publisher on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the West as it saw an increase in profit as compared with the same period last year.

During the first three months of 2014 (the company's 2014 fiscal fourth quarter), net revenue was $1.123 billion--a decrease from $1.209 billion a year ago, but higher than the $1.07 billion it expected to see. Net income, on the other hand, was up to $367 million from $323 million.

Contributing to these figures is the fact that EA says that, during calendar year 2014, it has been the "#1 publisher on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in the Western World." That may be due in part to the sheer number of games EA has available--it highlights the success of Titanfall, Battlefield 4, and FIFA 14, among others, stating that EA titles represent 40 percent of combined sales in the West on the Xbox One and PS4.

EA provided no specific sales figures for any of these games, including Titanfall. The game launched for the Xbox One and PC on March 11, but didn't arrive on the Xbox 360 until April 8.

For the year ahead, EA teased it would be making a major announcement at E3 (as you'd expect) and reaffirmed it would not be releasing an NCAA Football game this year. We'll also be going without a new Need for Speed game this year, as developer Ghost Games won't be delivering one until some point in 2015.

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