EA CEO: “When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it."

"Great games work no matter what platform you're on or what business model you're going with."

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Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently talked about a number of issues the publisher faced over the last year and its future with the new consoles and the growing popularity of mobile games.

“For whatever reason, whether it was because they were pushing the boundaries of innovation and they pushed a little hard and things didn't go so well," Wilson told Fortune, referring the SimCity offline debacle, endless Battlefield 4 issues, and problems with NBA Live 14. "We won't always get everything right, but my hope is that we're seen as a company that tries to do amazing things. When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it."

Wilson also said that the discussion around platforms and business models (free-to-play) are not as important as they may seem. "Great games work no matter what platform you're on or what business model you're going with," he said. "If you can provide great entertainment, then you can really get down to that minute-to-minute interaction that's fun and enjoyable and feels like great value."

Speaking specifically about mobile games, Wilson said that they are a very important part of the future, but that it doesn’t mean we’re going to stop playing games on 60-inch TVs. “That's great gaming, and that's great entertainment. How you get that game there, I think that's anyone's guess."

Wilson made similar comments about virtual reality earlier this month, saying that EA is thinking about what kind of virtual reality experiences it wants to deliver, but not necessarily for the Oculus Rift. After GDC 2014, we know he has other options with Sony’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus, and whatever VR technology Microsoft has been “playing with.”

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Avatar image for hauklanglo

Oh crap! The CEO of EA is no other then G-man himself. Now I understand everything.

Avatar image for crix01

A little bit??..the nerve of this guy.

Avatar image for dlaney34

Look at his smug face, you can almost hear the "trolololooo" song emitting from his armpits....

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

> "We won't always get everything right, but my hope is that we're seen as a company that tries to do amazing things."

No, you're not

> "When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it."

No, you don't

> "Great games work no matter what platform you're on or what business model you're going with."

No, they don't....and you usually don't make GREAT games

EA, delusion, it's in the game

Avatar image for PS4Lives

I've seen that laugh before on Shrek 2.

Avatar image for shadowkratos774

"Little bit"

Oh man I needed that laugh.

Avatar image for Spacewalker0001

Ahh, the smell of lies.

Avatar image for Juan1988

Let's face it, everyone entered to this article to read the comment section.

Avatar image for PS4Lives

@Juan1988 Nope. Not everyone lost his faith on EA.

Avatar image for Thisisstupid

"A little bit wrong" is quite the understatement. If all of this is "a little bit wrong", what does it take to be a huge screw up?

Avatar image for Darkeus

Wow, I was going to comment something but this article is filled with so much BS and ridiculous hilarity that I just have nothing to add. The article really speaks for itself about how out of touch he really is. That guys doesn't have a clue. EA does not have a clue....

Avatar image for orbit991

Funny , when EA's last douchy ceo started he said very similar things, even vowed to change their ways and, well, it was all BS, wasn't it.

Avatar image for Techtroll

EA you have no soul...

Avatar image for deactivated-586642252f689

Somehow I don't think EA's "NBA Live" is fixable. You can't unscramble an egg.

Avatar image for SpLiTMaN

Giving us Battlefield 1942 for free on origin doe not forgive your last 15 titles......

Avatar image for mladjacool

Only EA games I do play are pirates.

Avatar image for Pupchu

"We won't always get everything right, but my hope is that we're seen as a company that tries to do amazing things. When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it."

Sadly, mr. Wilson, we can see right trough this bullshit...

Avatar image for TylerDurden83

@Pupchu Pupchu! ^_^

Avatar image for TERMINATOR-SSD

Little bit....haha

I dont buy anything to do with EA anymore. This is what you need to do. Stay away from developers or just let them get on without you pushing the developers with deadlines, time, money, plans, your EA business model. Just let developers get on and take charge. Let them do and create something good without YOU thinking whats best for us, because you DONT.

Avatar image for grungeman91

They can't fix a ham sammich.

Avatar image for digishah

“When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it."


"When really fucked it up, we leave you all to suffer"

Avatar image for TheOmegaForce70

A......... Little wrong, isn't that a understatement?

Avatar image for drewskis86

No offense, but this article is pretty much worthless.

Avatar image for GSyynoandnoyyGS

A... LITTLE?????

Avatar image for Zatto-1

Why dont you fix C&C/DK?

Avatar image for Bellum_Sacrum

"But when we get everything wrong, like we usually do, we just run off with your money!"

Avatar image for Gallowhand

I can't take this man seriously. EA's track record speaks for itself. Each time they become involved, somehow good franchises from good development studios turn into monetized mediocrity - including Dragon Age, Dead Space, Sim City, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and others. Once great studios have been chewed up and spat out over the years.

You're not getting things 'a little bit wrong', your monetization practices are toxic to many franchises.

Avatar image for blackothh

so then what happens when u get it a lot wrong?

Avatar image for Zombrex

BF4 still isn't "fixed." You fixed all the technical issues, but you refuse to balance the weapons properly. Makes it hard to play.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@Zombrex I played it on PS4 on Saturday for about 2 hrs playing Obliteration mode, had no problems. But I'm still expecting it to mess up. lol

Avatar image for lorider25

If the Devil had a human form, he would look like this guy.

Avatar image for Pewbert

"whether it was because they were pushing the boundaries of innovation and they pushed a little hard and things didn't go so well"

Wow he really said that? So forcing people to go online to play a single player game was innovative?

I'm sure the EA shareholders like what they are hearing, but not me.

Avatar image for RynTM

Just googled a list of companies that have been killed off by EA, and thought I would share:

Origin- Ultima, Wing Commander

Westwood- Command and Conquer, Dune

Dice- Battlefield (pre 3), Pinball Dreams

Criteriongames- Burnout series

Maxis- Sim City, Sims, Spore

Bullfrog- Syndicate, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Populous (series), Dungeon Keeper

Bioware- Baldur's Gate (series), Mass Effect 1, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic

Mythic- Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online

May you rest in pieces, and conspiracy forums...

Avatar image for Rovelius

Awwww, that's almost cute.

lol, pushing the boundaries... you mean, pushing the gamers' patience to its absolute fucking limits?

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

It's like EA went out of their way to make a comedian their new CEO. Everrything this guy says is comedy gold!

Avatar image for lostaname

EA going for VR? I can't wait to be comatose!

Avatar image for Kinguard73

Did he just flushed a toilet to get that quote? Because no one in their right mind at EA would be so stupid to say anything like that knowing their Companies' rep. Course if any of them were bright they wouldn't work there to begin with so....

Avatar image for Hellcanwait

Is...is that Damien all grown up !!

Avatar image for qtmew

@Hellcanwait It's G-Man from Half Life.

Avatar image for homelessgamer

This man, his face. Probably plays games with his kids, the nice man that he is.

Avatar image for qtmew

@SIDEFX1 Apologies, EA does not comment on rumours and speculations.

Avatar image for seriousdave

Lol The title alone is just hilarious. It's absolute true that there are far worse companies which cause far worse problems for people but EA ist still THE worst game publisher/dev out there even if some others do their best to keep up with them. And calling all their bullshit over the past few years "a little bit wrong" is just an isult to the gamers who actually bought their games.

Avatar image for digitm64

And that's why BF4 isn't fixed. It wasn't just a little bit wrong. EA only fix the little bit wrong ones. Maybe EA should look at their own company and see what's wrong and fix that.

Avatar image for wdma

Nothing stops this hate train.
People think that EA is some kind of Evil lord that need to hate it with all their might and in-real life there are much much worse companies but nope need to hate no matter what they are evil!

Avatar image for Darkeus

@wdma Hmm *Looks at what site he is on*

This is a video game site right? This is an article about EA, correct?

As EA is considered one of the worse VIDEO GAME companies in the world, I think this discussion and the hate is quite justified. If this were say, The Wall Street Journal...

Eh, we would still bitch if it was VIDEO GAME related news. EA sucks man, you don't need much to see that.

Avatar image for ducusss

@wdma Sure there are worse companies out there. But EA quite possibly IS the worst video game company out there, and in case you hadn't noticed, this is, in fact, a site revolving around video games. The hate train exists for a reason, don't justify a company's BS just because other unrelated companies are more BS.

Avatar image for thekazumalord

i bet if they had to air brush out the guy's horns and tail in the photo above, :D

Avatar image for HesamB

Even his fucking face is evil

Avatar image for digitm64

@HesamB Look, he's the grown boy from The Omen