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EA CEO named to sports power list

John Riccitiello beats out Michael Jordan, Barack Obama in Sports Illustrated top 50 power poll.


Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has been named to Sports Illustrated's "50 Most Powerful People in Sports" list. The executive earned his place on the list by leading development on sports franchises like FIFA Soccer and Madden NFL.

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"His products have shaped Generation Y's perception of sports as much as anyone's," Sports Illustrated wrote, before cautioning that difficult times may be ahead. "But is exhaustion setting in after 25 years of incrementally improved Madden games?"

Riccitiello was named the 39th most powerful person in sports, beating out the likes of United States president Barack Obama (44), UFC president Dana White (45), Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (48), and Bobcats owner and former NBA star Michael Jordan (50).

The most powerful person in sports, according to Sports Illustrated, is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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