EA Buys DreamWorks Interactive

Electronic Arts announces that it will buy DreamWorks Interactive, developer of the acclaimed Medal of Honor.


Electronic Arts has announced that it will soon purchase developer DreamWorks Interactive for an undisclosed sum. The company has previously published titles for DreamWorks, including the critically acclaimed Medal of Honor. Under the agreement, DreamWorks Interactive will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

Microsoft and DreamWorks SKG formed DreamWorks Interactive as a joint venture in March 1995. Steven Spielberg has provided creative leadership to the group and has lent his talents to software creation.

Electronic Arts has hinted that the acquisition of DreamWorks Interactive is part of its strategy to have several products ready for the launch of the PlayStation2 later this year. Previously, GameSpot News confirmed that a sequel to Medal of Honor is in development and is likely to appear on the next-generation Sony console.

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