EA buries Godfather franchise

Following critical drubbing of latest installment, publisher's Games label president tells LA Times that "we're not going to do another one."


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Francis Ford Coppola and Paramount's The Godfather II is widely agreed to be among the best films ever made. However, the same can't be said for EA's second installment in its game adaptation of author Mario Puzo's acclaimed gangster saga. The game's critical lambasting recalled reviews more in line with the third film in the franchise when it debuted on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC earlier this year. The game has fared somewhat better at retail, selling just over 250,000 units in the US as of April 30, according to the NPD Group.

The Don has spoken.
The Don has spoken.

Now, it appears as if EA won't be returning for a third installment in the strategy-cum-action title. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times last week, EA Games president Frank Gibeau said that the Godfather had been fitted with a pair of cement shoes. "We're not going to do another one," he explicitly told the newspaper. Gibeau went on to say that an installment in the Godfather franchise was not part of EA's current production schedule, which the LA Times notes extends three years.

Providing a more nuanced follow-up comment, an EA representative confirmed to the LA Times that no Godfather games are currently in development. "Nothing has been decided as to future sequels," the continued. "Paramount is a great partner."

Establishing players as a newly appointed Don of New York, The Godfather II let gamers handle strategic organizational aspects of the mob, such as establishing and maintaining criminal endeavors and creating a stable of made men. However, the title also included the open-world action gameplay that was central to the original Godfather, which received a positive reception in 2006.

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