EA Bright Light shuttered - Report

Develop reports UK-based Harry Potter studio closes doors following consultation period.


EA Bright Light is now in the dark. Game industry publication Develop reports that Electronic Arts' Guildford, UK-based outfit--recently responsible for three tepidly received Harry Potter titles--is no more.

EA Bright Light has gone dark.
EA Bright Light has gone dark.

According to the publication, EA Bright Light shut down late last year, following a consultation period. It is unknown how many staffers are out of work, but a 2009 BBC profile of the developer states the shop employed around 100 individuals. Develop reports that some former employees have moved on to other EA studios like Playfish and Criterion, as well as outside developers Supermassive Games and Jagex.

EA opened its Guildford-based studio in 1995 under the name EA UK (in 2007, it was renamed EA Bright Light). In recent years, the studio has focused on creating games for younger audiences and family-oriented entertainment, specifically EA's adaptations for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise. The closure of the Bright Light studio leaves Criterion as EA's only UK-based console development house.

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