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EA Boosts Battlefield 4 Server Capacity Following Player Surge

EA has only boosted server capacity for one region in the United States for the time being.


Following the reveal of Battlefield 2042, it seems that a decent number of players have hopped back into 2013's Battlefield 4. In response, EA is firing up some extra servers just to serve the eight-year-old game's bolstering population.

In a post on the EA Answers page, an EA community manager addressed the need for more Battlefield 4 servers, saying "We've been monitoring your experience and notice queue times in the US West region were far longer than in other regions. Good news, we've increased server capacity for this region--you can expect less waiting, and more playing."

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While only the US West region needed extra servers to accommodate more players, it seems that EA has plans in case those issues continue to grow. "We'll continue monitoring queue times and will make further adjustments as necessary," continued the community manager.

It should be no surprise that Battlefield 4 has seen a resurgence, considering how much of that game has been channeled in Battlefield 2042. Besides the upcoming game's modern setting, its reveal trailer even included a jet stunt from Battlefield 3, exciting older fans of the franchise.

Part of Battlefield 4's resurgence could also be chalked up to a recent Prime Gaming deal. From June 2 to June 20, Amazon Prime members could claim a free copy of the game for Origin. The version of the game that was given away excluded its five DLC expansions.

This marks the second time this year that an EA-owned title exploded in popularity years after its initial release. This past April, Titanfall 2 saw a sizable increase in its player base, beating its concurrent player count from the summer of 2020, when it originally arrived on Steam. In Titanfall 2's case, the boost was attributed to the launch of the ninth season of Apex Legends, which referenced Titanfall and its story directly.

Battlefield fans may be hopping back into Battlefield 4 until beta tests launch for Battlefield 2042. A technical playtest for the game will be launching in July, although details from that will be under an NDA, so unless you play it or someone breaks that agreement, you're probably not going to hear about it.

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