EA asking for Battlefield 4 feedback

Publisher launches survey polling fans about recently released military shooter.

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Electronic Arts has launched a survey asking the public how they feel about the recently released Battlefield 4. The survey, spotted by Game Informer, asks fans who have played the shooter how likely they are to recommend the game on a 0-10 scale from "Not Likely" to "Extremely Likely."

Respondents then have the option to rate and review Battlefield 4 and publish their critique to the Battlefield 4 product page on Amazon. If you rate the game 8 or below, you're prompted to leave comments about how Battlefield 4 could be improved.

You don't get anything for filling out the survey, but if you've been waiting for the chance to let EA know how you feel--love, hate, or indifference--this is your chance.

Battlefield 4's launch last fall was less than ideal. The game suffered from server and stability woes at release, and many of these issues remain for certain platforms. The issues are not only problematic for players, but also EA itself, as the bugs have led to a class-action lawsuit.

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