EA announces Sub Command

The makers of the award-winning submarine simulation 688(I) Hunter/Killer are working on a new game. New screens inside.


Sub Command

Electronic Arts has announced its upcoming submarine simulation, Sub Command. The game is in development at Sonalysts, the studio that created the award-winning 688(I) Hunter/Killer submarine sim and the naval combat simulation Jane's Fleet Command. Sub Command will let players command three types of nuclear-powered attack submarines--the 688(I), the Akula, and the Seawolf.

Sub Command is set in the present day. The game will feature an enhanced 3D engine with more than 250 3D objects to provide a realistic submarine simulation. Players will have access to an arsenal of weapons, including wake-homing, super-cavitating, and ASW torpedoes, as well as antiship and land-attack missiles. The game will include three different single-player campaigns featuring enemies from 16 different countries. In addition, the game's multiplayer mode will support co-op and head-to-head play over the Internet in a variety of scenarios, including Russia vs. US and under-ice missions.

For more information, visit the official Sub Command Web site. Sub Command is scheduled for release this summer.

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