EA announces Simpsons Skateboarding

EA and Fox Interactive release the first details on the upcoming Simpsons-based skateboarding game.


EA has released the first bits of information on, as well as the first screenshots of, the upcoming Code Monkeys-developed Simpsons Skateboarding for the PlayStation 2. The game will incorporate many elements from the popular animated sitcom, including locations and characters, and will wrap them around a Tony Hawk-styled action-sports design.

Many of the series' popular locations will be converted into skateable environments, including Springfield Elementary, Krusty-Lu Studios, the Kwik-E-Mart, the infamous Springfield Gorge, Itchy and Scratchy land, Sir Putt-A-Lot's, and even Montgomery Burns' Power Plant.

The game revolves around a touring skateboarding tournament in Springfield, the winner of which will get a whole $99. According to EA, "everyone in town" is involved in it. Thus far, only Bart Simpson, Otto, Homer, Professor Fink, Nelson Muntz, and Krusty the Clown have been revealed. Each character will have access to 40-plus moves, including some that are unique to them individually. Bart has a move called "In Your Dreams," for instance, while Homer has one called "Stinkyfish." EA has also stated that the characters will be voiced by their actual series counterparts.

The game will feature five distinct play modes: free skate, skate fest, trick contest, skillz school, and horse. There are also a handful of hidden boards, characters, and levels that players will be able to unlock by repeated play. Finally, there will be a head-to-head mode, wherein two players can compete for the grand prize.

We'll have more information on Simpsons Skateboarding for you next week from E3.

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