EA and Nunchuck test Ninja Reflex

Industry titan teams with upstart outfit to copublish upcoming party game for Wii and DS.


Ninja Reflex

"Training" games are popular choices on the Nintendo DS and Wii. But while most of these titles attempt to train players to think quicker, sharpen visual acuity, or learn a new language, Electronic Arts today announced a game meant to hone reflexes akin to those of the notoriously lithe and deadly ninja.

Set to be copublished on the Wii and DS by EA Partners and Nunchuck Games, Ninja Reflex is an "action party" game for up to four players that tests and measures players' reflexes in a series of thematically appropriate minigames. As players sharpen their reaction times, they will work their way toward a black belt from their sensei.

EA Partners is the external publishing arm of Electronic Arts, and has worked with independent developers to put out titles like Harmonix's Rock Band and Valve's The Orange Box. Nunchuck is an upstart company founded last year by Z-Axis Studios founder David Luntz.

Developed by San Francisco-based Sanzaru Games, Ninja Reflex is set for release in March of 2008.

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