EA Advertising Dragon Age: Inquisition On Snapchat

Video game ads are now on Snapchat.

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Electronic Arts has expanded its advertising efforts to Snapchat, the popular image and video messaging app. Head to the "Recent Updates" section of the app, in the United States at least, and you'll see a 20-second ad for Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare's recently released open-world RPG.

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Ads on Snapchat, which are fairly non-intrusive as ads go (you have to opt-in) are relatively new, having only rolled out last month. Just like Snapchat stories, ads such as the one for Inquisition, vanish after you view them or within 24 hours.

Describing its approach to ads last month, Snapchat said, "We want to see if we can deliver an experience that's fun and informative, the way ads used to be."

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