E3 no-show: Medal of Honor: Team Assault

Electronic Arts won't be showing the add-on to its excellent World War II shooter Medal of Honor: Allied Assault at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

GameSpot has learned that Electronic Arts won't have the expansion pack to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault at E3 this year. Tentatively called Medal of Honor: Team Assault, this add-on will contain nine new single-player levels, 12 new multiplayer maps, and a new team-based gameplay mode, as well as a number of new Russian and British weapons and character models. While many details about the game are still unknown, we do know that its overall focus will be on the eastern front of World War II, a theater of war that wasn't covered in the original Allied Assault.

Team Assault is currently being developed at EALA, not 2015, the Oklahoma-based studio that created the original game. The expansion is tentatively scheduled for release in November or December of this year, and it will require a full version of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault to run. We'll update you with more details on this anticipated add-on as they become available.

For more information about Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, read our full review of the game.

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