E3 Leak Reveals Possible XCOM-Style Avengers Game And Borderlands Spin-Off

2K is reportedly working on an XCOM Avengers game, developed by Firaxis, in addition to a Borderlands spin-off.


A leak about 2K's upcoming slate of games, including a Borderlands spin-off and an XCOM-style Marvel game, is reportedly true. According to Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat and Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, a post on Reddit by u/swine_flu_gang with a bunch of information about 2K's upcoming games is accurate.

The leak covers three unannounced titles from the publisher in addition to one of the cover athletes of the upcoming NBA 2K22. According to them, Dirk Nowitzki, who retired from the NBA in 2019, might be on the cover of one of the premium versions of the title, similar to Kobe Bryant on the Mamba edition last year.

The leak states that Firaxis Games, the developer of XCOM, is working on a Marvel game, which is described as "XCOM with Marvel heroes," so expect some of your favorite Marvel heroes in a strategy game. The Borderlands spin-off is being developed by Gearbox, with Randy Pitchford tweeting that any Borderlands title would be developed solely by Gearbox. The game is apparently titled "Tiny Tina's Wonderlands" and is expected to follow the class-based shooting gameplay of the main series.

The final game in the leak is currently called Codename Volt, a supernatural sci-fi game being developed by Hangar 13, which previously made Mafia 3. The game was described in the leak as a cross between Saints Row and Cthulhu, which sounds like a promising combination.

As with any leaks, take all of this with a grain of salt until 2K officially announces any of these titles. Gearbox is holding its E3 presentation on Saturday, June 12, but it does not yet have an official time. Take-Two, the parent company of 2K, is scheduled to hold its presentation on Monday, June 14, also with no set time. While it's not guaranteed any of these games would show up if they are real, there is a possibility we'll see some or all of these announcements during E3.

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