E3 Flags at Half-Mast in Wake of Orlando Shooting

Entertainment Software Association pays condolences following deadliest shooting in modern US history.


A line of flags, which traditionally stand outside the LA Convention Center to celebrate E3, hung at half-mast on Sunday as the country mourns the news of a nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

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The five flagpoles, which every year are decorated by the Entertainment Software Association as part of the E3 fanfare, have been lowered from their summits to pay respect to the families of victims of the terror attack, the organiser confirmed to GameSpot.

In the early hours on Sunday, Omar Mateen killed 50 people and wounded 53 at the Pulse gay nightclub, before being shot dead by police. It is recorded as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The gunman, who claimed to have pledged allegiance to the terrorist group ISIS, was killed in a shootout with 11 police officers after taking hostages at the club.

US President Barack Obama described the shooting "an act of terror and an act of hate".

In the wake of the atrocity, an outpouring of condolences has come from the games industry. Publisher Electronic Arts posted a message on Twitter, which described the terrorist attack as "senseless and tragic."

"This hits particularly close to home for us at EA, given we have hundreds of employees who work at our Tiberion studio in Orlando," it wrote.

It is not clear whether any publishers have pulled violent content from E3 in light of the terror attack.

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