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E3 2020 Announced And Dates Confirmed

E3 is different, but not dead.

E3 2020 is on. Amid speculation that the gaming industry's major annual event is facing an uncertain future, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has followed tradition and put up a banner on the third and final day of E3 this year, inviting attendees back for next year's expo. E3 2020 is set for June 9-11.

E3 has been a very different show this year. The absence of Sony led to a much different show floor than usual, as there was no PlayStation press conference or booth on the show floor, which is normally one of the biggest areas at the expo. The event is also still in flux as it welcomes in public attendees in addition to media and industry professionals. Some repeat attendees (including GameSpot staff) have noted that the show seemed less crowded this year. Those factors led to questions about what the future would hold, but now we know that the show will go on for at least one more year. Microsoft has already said it's planning a big showing for Halo Infinite next year, and it's safe to assume that the new Xbox, Scarlett, will be on display ahead of its Holiday 2020 launch.

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The ESA also usually closes the show with a press release wrapping up the event and giving attendance numbers. If it follows suit this year, that may give a better idea of the perceived low attendance.

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