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E3 2019's Biggest News - Zelda: BOTW 2, Xbox Scarlett, Marvel's Avengers Game, More

Here's everything from E3.

E3 2019 is halfway over--and almost all the big news has (presumably) broken. Most recently, the Nintendo Direct wrapped up, and in addition to revealing Banjo-Kazooie as a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, the company revealed that a sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in the works.

This week before E3 proper has brought tons of news and events, ranging from a Pokemon Nintendo Direct to Google Stadia Connect to EA Play. Bethesda's conference followed the Xbox conference, where Xbox Scarlett was announced. The release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced. And, there's still more to come.

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Now Playing: The Biggest Apex Legends Season 2 Announcements | EA Play 2019

EA Play was Saturday's big event, having brought the gameplay reveal for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (which has a dash of Bloodborne but wasn't originally a Star Wars game), a preview of Apex Legends Season 2 and its newest playable character, Wattson, among other things. This followed a wild night of leaks on Friday night, bringing word on a From Software/George RR Martin collaboration called Elden Ring. Things have quieted somewhat on the rumor front since then, but years past have seen countless leaks pop up in the hours before the various press conferences.

Below, we've rounded up all of the start times and details on how to watch each event live (along with guides focused on UK times and Australian times). We also have some previews of what to expect from each one.

E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule

E3 2019 is set to be a big show, even with Sony not in attendance. There are what feels like a hug number of rumors and leaks; aside from the aforementioned Elden Ring seemingly Bandai Namco's entire E3 lineup leaked. We heard about both Ni no Kuni Remastered and Tales of Arise. And they're unlikely to be the last leaks we see before all is said and done this year.

Below, you'll find a complete guide to our E3 coverage: links to press conference livestreams, liveblogs, recaps, and much more. Buckle in--we're just getting started.

E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule

Thursday, June 6

Google - 9 AM PT

Google held its Stadia Connect event on June 6, revealing both new games and a ton of core details about the service. Baldur's Gate III was shown to be real, Destiny 2's Shadowkeep DLC was unveiled and we heard the first confirmation about cross-save support, and we got a price, release date, and more for the Stadia cloud streaming service itself. Stadia Pro will launch later this year as a part of the Founder's Edition, with a freely accessible version of Stadia, Stadia Base, coming next year.

Saturday, June 8

Electronic Arts - 9:15 AM PT

EA Play technically runs all weekend, but the livestream was the highlight. It was scheduled to deliver news on many of the company's games. The biggest reveal was gameplay for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. We also learned about how its combat works, what Force powers are at your disposal, and more. Beyond that, Apex Legends Season 2 was detailed, complete with a new character, a new gun, and a new challenge-based approach to progression. There were also new Battlefield V maps, including a move to the Pacific Theater, and details on FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20, and The Sims 4. Anthem even showed up briefly to allow BioWare to vow to continue working to improve the game.

Nintendo Esports - 11 AM PT

The Mario company held an esports tournament in Los Angeles just prior to the start of E3. The Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 tournament, and the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 tournament were all held on June 8. We learned the stages from the Mario Maker 2 tournament will be available in the game after it's released, along with some news about the future of Splatoon 2 and when we'll be learning more about Smash's new DLC fighter.

Sunday, June 9

Microsoft - 1 PM PT

Microsoft hosted its big press conference, and the highlights included a new Xbox console called Scarlett and a Cyberpunk 2077 release date. The new console arrives in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite as a launch title. Infinite got a launch trailer, and Microsoft revealed new details on xCloud, which launches in October 2019.

Bethesda - 5:30 PM PT

Bethesda's traditional press conference was held on June 9 at 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET (1:30 AM BST / 10 AM AET on June 10). The company did not talk about The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield, but said plenty about Doom Eternal, and announced new projects like GhostWire, Commander Keen, and Deathloop.

Devolver Digital - 7 PM PT

The indie publisher came back once again with an out-there, somewhat confusing and unorthodox press conference. The big takeaway is that Devolver gave looks at three upcoming games. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 1-vs.-100 game that's something like battle royale meets the game show Wipeout. You try to survive escalating ridiculous levels to be the last fall guy standing. There's Carrion, a reverse horror game where you play a monster trying to escape captivity and exact revenge on humans. Finally, Devolver Bootleg presents eight new, original takes on other Devolver games. The press conference also included DLC for Enter the Gungeon, dubbed "House of the Gundead."

Monday, June 10

PC Gaming Show - 10 AM PT

The PC-focused briefing partnered with the Epic Games Store and should bring more news and announcements regarding computer games. The show covered some 30 different games: That included Rebellion's new Evil Genius 2, El Hijo from Honig Studios, a new trailer for Shenmue III and a reveal for the Warframe expansion Empyrean, and a look at Last Oasis from developer Donkey Crew.

Limited Run Games - 12 PM PT

The company responsible for releasing physical versions of digital-only Switch, PS4, and PS Vita titles held a conference to announce physical releases of a mess of old LucasArts games on their original platforms. That included a huge number of Star Wars back catalog games, including Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire, TIE Fighter, and a lot more. You can check out a full list on Limited Run's blog.

Ubisoft - 1 PM PT

The Assassin's Creed company's briefing finally confirmed all the leaks and rumors surrounding Watch Dogs Legion, including the fact that you can recruit and play as any NPC in the game (including an extremely deadly granny). A new trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint included actor Jon Bernthal, but his dog stole the show on stage. Ubisoft also announced a Rainbow Six spin-off game called Quarantine, based on the popular Rainbow Six Siege game mode, introduced roller derby title Roller Champions with a demo, detailed future content for The Division 2, and showed off a new IP: Gods & Monsters.

Kinda Funny - 4:30 PM PT

Media company Kinda Funny Games will be hosting an event of its own, not unlike what it did this past December. It's set to take place at on June 10 at 4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET (12:30 AM BST / 9:30 AM AET on June 11). No specific announcements have been teased, although December's event did bring some news and extended looks at a variety of games.

Square Enix - 6 PM ET

For the second year in a row, the RPG giant held its own live E3 presentation. The broadcast took place on June 10 at 6 PM ET / 9 PM PT (2 AM BST / 11 AM AET on June 11)--the time slot that Sony's PlayStation briefing traditionally occupies. Square Enix teased that this year's presentation will showcase "another exciting line up of titles," one of which was Final Fantasy VII Remake. Besides that, Square Enix officially revealed Marvel's Avengers.

Tuesday, June 11

Nintendo - 9 AM PT

As the company typically does, Nintendo is airing a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentation on the Tuesday morning of E3 week. The broadcast begins on June 11 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST (2 AM AET on June 12) and will offer viewers a look at "Nintendo Switch games coming in 2019." Afterward, the company will air its annual Treehouse livestream, which will continue throughout the rest of E3 week. This all follows the June 5 Pokemon Direct that further detailed Nintendo Switch's Pokemon Sword and Shield.

When And Where Is E3?

E3 officially begins on Tuesday, June 11, and runs through Thursday, June 13. Those are the dates you can roam the show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where publishers and developers will show their latest and upcoming games to press, investors, and the general public.

However, E3-adjacent events unofficially begin much sooner. Electronic Arts has branched off from E3 and now hosts its own event, EA Play, the weekend prior. Starting Sunday, June 9, publishers like Microsoft, Bethesda, Nintendo, and Ubisoft, will host more traditional press conferences before the event starts, signaling what will be shown at their booths. Nintendo is the last one to go, airing a Direct on Tuesday, June 11, before the show floor opens.

How Do I Watch The Press Conferences?

You can watch all of the press conference streams right here on GameSpot, naturally. We'll be streaming the press conferences live, followed by reactions from our staff. We'll have a livestream filled with developer interviews and game demos throughout the week. Meanwhile, Nintendo will follow its Direct-style press conference with a Treehouse stream that showcases games coming to its platforms. The PC Gaming Show will stream on platforms like Twitch.

What Do We Know? What Do We Want?

We're here for the games, of course. To get you up to speed, we're looking at some of the likeliest games to show up and what we're hoping to see from them. Those include some games confirmed for the show as well as ones that seem primed for an appearance. Make sure to check out our full list of every confirmed game too.

What Companies Are At E3?

A huge number of developers and publishers, both big and small, will be in attendance at E3. Of course, just being there doesn't mean they have something to announce or show, as the conference is often home to B2B meetings between developers, publishers, investors, and license-holders.

What Are The Biggest Games At E3?

Even weeks away from the big event, we already know about quite a few of the games coming to the show. Some of them have been known for some time, while others were recently announced with teases of more to come soon. We even know that some already-released games, like Apex Legends, will use the event to debut substantial announcements of upcoming live events.

What Are The Biggest Rumors?

As always the weeks before E3 are filled with rumors and speculation about what we'll see announced. This year as we prepare for the next generation, hardware rumors are circulating. Word has it Microsoft may begin to take the wraps off of its next generation console, to match Sony's recent revelation of its next-generation PlayStation specs. Nintendo has also been rumored to be planning a new Nintendo Switch revision, though it has said it won't announce new hardware at the show. Of course, we're also hearing rumors circulate around software, like speculation of a new From Software game, a next-gen Fable, and the return of the Modern Warfare name for Call of Duty.

Is E3 Open To The Public?

Like the last few years, E3 is once again open to the public, but you can't just show up and get in. Tickets for the Gamer Pass are up for sale for $249, though you should be prepared for long lines to get into see most things on the show floor. Hours for Gamer Pass holders are slightly shorter than those for Industry Pass holders on each day except for Thursday, June 13, so make sure to check when you'll be allowed in the doors.

What Does E3 Stand For?

It's a seemingly silly question, but given how often the term "E3" is used, it's easy to never consider what it actually stands for. E3 is short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, although as the show has evolved, the name has changed slightly at times over the years.

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