E3 2019: Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trailer Shows Hunting Nazis Is Better With Family

Don't mess with the Blackowicz sisters.

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Now Playing: Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gameplay Trailer | Bethesda Press Conference E3 2019

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Bethesda was busy during its E3 2019 press conference, revealing the release date for Doom Eternal, detailing a new expansion for Fallout 76, and showing off Rage 2 DLC. The company also announced new games, such as the returning Commander Keen, Tango Gamework's Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Arkane Studios' Deathloop.

However, that didn't stop Bethesda from dedicating time to the not-too-distant future either. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is just over a month away, and a violent new gameplay trailer has revealed some new details amidst all of the quick-cuts between frenetic Nazi-killing action.

Unlike any other game in the long-running series, Youngblood is a co-op shooter that can be played in single-player with an AI companion or in multiplayer with a friend. It's set two decades after the conclusion of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and takes place in an alternate reality version of 1980s Nazi-occupied Paris. Usual protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz has gone missing, so it's up to his equally proficient daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz--the "Terror Twins--to find him.

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Aside from the new dual protagonists, the most interesting aspect of Youngblood is the introduction of co-op to the series. Combat in recent iterations of Wolfenstein has had a distinct feel and flow to it that now has to account for two powerful killing machines. The fast-paced trailer doesn't signify if stealth will be returning as a viable option, but the sight of a gruesome melee kill would hint that you'll be able to sneak through missions in tandem.

As far as new weaponry goes, the trailer shows off some advanced tools of Nazi-killing destruction. There's an electricity gun that sets enemies on fire like the taser in Syphon Filter (a Tesla Cannon, perhaps?), rapid-fire Uzis that can be dual-wielded, and a Magnum Pistole that's capable of popping skulls with relative ease. The "Terror Twins" are also wearing power armour similar to the one B.J. donned in The New Colossus, so there will probably be a degree of customisation between the two characters when it comes to selecting special abilities.

We'll know more on July 26, 2019 when Wolfenstein: Youngblood is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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