E3 2019: Ubisoft Announces New Roller Derby Game, Demo Out Now

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Ubisoft announced a new free-to-play 3v3 competitive game called Roller Champions during its E3 2019 press conference. It's set to release early 2020 on PC, but a playable pre-alpha demo is available on Uplay for Windows PC, from now through June 14 at 6 AM PT.

At first glance, Roller Champions plays much like the actual sport of roller derby. Up to three players compete to make laps around an elliptical arena to gain speed and rack up points. The goal is to score five points, which can only be done when the goal opens after making a lap around the arena. After a single lap, a score through the goal nets one point, but if you make two or three laps, you score three and five points respectively. However, if the opposing team tackles you or your teammates and possesses the ball at any time as you're building up laps, the potential points you can earn will reset.

The dynamic of Roller Champions seems reminiscent to Rocket League, focusing on high-energy competitive action. You can see how it looks in the gameplay video above.

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As you get more wins, you'll accumulate more fans, which unlocks customization items like new gear, animations, outfits, and more. This feeds into your progression overall, encouraging you to participate in games and earn more rewards.

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