E3 2019: PUBG Launches Erangel Map Remake On PC Test Servers

An old battleground made brand-new.


With E3 getting underway, a new development video for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has teased some of the new content scheduled to come to the battle royale game. In the video (which is embedded below), PUBG executive producer and head of development TS Jang said that the game will continue to evolve going forward, including a remake of the original map, Erangel. New movement mechanics are also being added and future seasons will each follow a predetermined theme.

Looking towards the future, Jang said PUBG would use themed seasons going forward. "Under the banner of one overall theme," he continued, "fans can expect each season to debut new content, features, and a Survivor Pass." The upcoming Season 4 will focus on updating Erangel, remaking PUBG's original map with enhanced graphics and assets. The new map is releasing on PUBG's PC Test Server this weekend continuing into E3 week. The test is already live and will continue through June 11 at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET (June 12 at 4 AM BT / 1 PM AET).

"We'll continue to develop this balance between survival and combat strategies so that players will be able to experience more varied gameplay," Jang said. "Examples of this are the upcoming ledge grab that helps expand movement, the BRDM, which is a new armored vehicle, and lastly, continued weapon balancing."

In the accompanying gameplay footage, the ledge grab seems to expand a player's ability to move about the map both vertically and horizontally, allowing them to jump up and climb atop structures or grab rooftops after leaping from a nearby building. The video goes on to show the ledge grab makes previously unreachable areas accessible. The BRDM, meanwhile, is an amphibious vehicle. A first for PUBG, the armored tank-like truck protects its inhabitants whether driving down the road or across a river.

"While Weapon Mastery focuses on combat, we plan to expand progression elements further and focus on survival elements," Jang continued. "PUBG strikes a harmonious balance between combat and survival. As such, in addition to emphasizing gunplay, we want to focus on survival elements, so our players can keep track of stats and receive rewards for those accomplishments as well."

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. For what it did for the battle royale subgenre, PUBG is one of our most influential games of the 21st century.

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